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Hi, I'm pretty new to the field of DAWs as well and i've got a question about Rewire.

I've been using Reason's NN-19 Sampler for its (imo) really nice piano sounds. I was wondering how i can utilise it with Cubase to be recorded.

I noticed that when i rewire it together with Cubase, I can only get it to be outputed at a "Rewire" channel in Cubase. Somewhat like an Aux input.
I can record that channel down no matter what.

Is there any way I can capture in cubase?
Once your ReWire is turned on in Cubase, you can record directly on the tracks in Cubase in MIDI. Once your MIDI is recorded, press Contrl+Space to go to mixdown, and in there there's some options. you MUST check the "real time" option box, and also the "import into pool" option.

Once the mixdown is complete, it auto loads into 1 of the channels as an audio file. Presto, your audio is now in Cubase.

Whenever you are rendering MIDI files playing samples from other programs, you MUST always check the "real time" option during the mix down window, otherwise there's no way to get your actual audio into Cubase.

Hope it helps.

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