Recordings? Anyone?


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Hey all! I´m new here and I am hoping to find some fellow guitarists that do instrumental guitar rock stuff ala Satch/Vai/Bumblefoot/Buckethead...

I some of my stuff on

and more of my stuff has been posted on username danieltan ...

Anyone else doing stuff like this? Would like to hear from you and share ideas!
Yo mate,

I do instrumental rock stuff as well. And have many compositions on them as well. Maybe we can team up. Genre: Rock, Metal, Funk

Influences: Peter Norum/Gary Hoey/Blues Saraceno
I do instrumental stuff too, but is more of the neo-classical and new age stuff. I´ll post some stuff if you guys are interested...
hello people...
good to know there are some instrumental indulgers here. i´m into instrumental materials as well, but have not commited anything to tape... yet. i´m currently stealing ideas from sax players... he he... Alan Holdsworth made me do it... really!!

currently trying to do instrumental versions of Bananarama songs. yes... i´m not that young...