Rhythm Guitarist seeking band members(Thrash and Heavy Metal mostly)

I am a Rhythm Guitarist seeking like minded musicians to play genres like Thrash Metal, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. I am hoping to learn and gain more experience from fellow musicians to record stuff and even perform gigs one day. I am currently in a band that plays pop, rock and a tiny bit of heavy metal, but would like to deepen my experience in playing aggressive music in a band.

I have some experience in writing songs (Guitar, Bass, Drums, lyrics) but would like to write more Thrash oriented tracks and to learn and exchange ideas with others whenever possible.

I am hoping to form a group with at least 4 to 5 members:

Me as Rhythm Guitarist
Lead guitarist - Enjoys soloing :D
Bassist - Pick or finger player also can :D
Drummer - Hit drums very fast and angrily, bonus if you have a kit at home!
Vox - Harsh or shouted vocals preferred, growling is a bonus!

No strict prerequisite skill level, but must be at least competent with instrument and have a great passion for metal and music in general.
Willing to commit on a weekly or biweekly basis and to come up with original work together. Not afraid to give input or bounce ideas of each other, and most importantly must be easy to work with, friendly and be a nice person to fellow band members. APES TOGETHER STRONG.

Additionally: 20s-30s age grp preferred, not currently subject to law enforcement investigations or criminal proceedings within the Courts of Singapore. Any gender and Sexual Orientation accepted.

Other: If you love local music, including metal, that would be awesome!

Genres I listen to these days: Death Metal, Thrash Metal, A bit of Black Metal, Indie-pop.

Bands I listen to these days: Local stuff like Impiety, Dezaster, Caracal, Infernal Execrator, Devouror, Shye, SobS, M1ldL1fe and countless others. And western bands such as Morbid Angel, The Big Four of Thrash, Cannibal Corpse, nunslaughter etc.

Find me on telegram @DarthDanial or email at dankuyus@Yahoo.com.sg