Recording eDrums to MIDI track

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hey, there seems to be much more activity on the drum forums now than i can remember in the past, so i'll just throw this out there and hopefully someone with some expertise in this field can answer.

here's the background:
i've just finished converting the Rhythm Traveler i bought recently into an electronic kit. DIY triggers, Pintech practice cymbals and a Roland TD-6V brain. i want to record into Ableton Live and Reason 3, substituting Drumkit from Hell 2 sounds for the module sounds. i already have all the software (and will get a MIDI to USB device soon).

just need anyone's help on the process of doing this recording and any pointers you can share.

hope this isn't all Greek to you! :p

Hey Shaun,

Shane here. Glad to see some great progress on your little project. I wanna have a go at it! :D

Anyway, isn't the process of recording electronic drums simplified to just recording everything into raw midi data for whichever software you're using? Like after routing all the RCA ports in the pads to the module, all that is left is to output from the module itself? Just a wild guess though, pardon me for my ignorance, I've never tampered with such stuff before.
I don't use Ableton or Reason, but the principle is the same. Software - midi in (record) from your electronic drums; software midi output select DFH. If your midi/USB interface and PC CPU is fast with lots of RAM, you should be able to get very low latency triggering of sounds from DFH while recording live. If you get unacceptable delay, first record the midi track (and listen to the module sounds while recording); after recording, then select DFH as the sound source for your midi and playback.
i just realised that i was asking kind of a "duh" question. sorry i was bored at work and decided to check out soft cos i've been neglecting to for quite some time now. thought i might as well do some thinking aloud on the forums at the same time.

shane: you're right there, it's that simple in terms of the connections needed.

cheez: roger that..understood. thanks, what i *should* have asked was this:

does anyone have any experience in getting DFH2 to work with the software i have? more specifically, i've heard that i need to create my own drum mapping to use with DFH2 so i can take advantage of the ambient mics, left/right hand alternating hits, variable hihat control (THAT'S a whole long story by itself right there) etc. i'm lost. where do i go from here.

cheez, do you have any experience with edrummer's partner? it's available at i'm VERY concerned about recording the whole variation of hihats in my performance and that software claims to be able to translate the openness of the hihat in real time to the recording software. btw, i'm using a DIY variable controller attached to the pedal chain of the hihat stand to vary the resistance.
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