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Jean-Marc Boulier

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Dear music producers,

SoundWise is offering audio mastering services to anyone who is taking their music seriously and willing to make sure it is presented to the world in its best possible form.

Available services:
  • Audio mastering - flat rate per song/EP/album
  • Apple Digital Masters
  • DDP authoring (for CD pressing plant)
  • Vinyl premaster
  • Alternate masters (for radio/TV/remix)
Mastering portfolio on Spotify here.

Feel free to request a quote: WhatsApp 9388 7872

What is mastering?

Mastering is an entirely separate process from mixing. It is best done by someone whose specialty it is and who can bring a set of fresh ears to the project, as well as a dedicated space that has been professionally acoustically treated for critical listening. It can be divided into three parts:

  1. Quality control - Making sure there are no unwanted noises (hiss, clicks, pops...), no excessive silence at the beginning or end, ensuring that the final reverb tail isn't cut out too soon, that the mix is generally free of weird quirks, and is musically pleasant and balanced to listen to, with regards to the codes of the genre it belongs to.
  2. Sonic adjustments - Making sure the mix will translate the best it can across all kinds of devices and listening situations (in mono, in a car, on earbuds, BT speaker etc.), which may imply adjusting the tonal balance, dynamics, stereo width etc. This can only be achieved reliably with a dedicated, full-range monitoring system that exposes every little flaw or imbalance, and a significant experience in critical listening.
  3. Deliverables - Generating files that are compatible with the selected distribution channels (file format, sample rate, bit depth), DDP file set for CD replication, vinyl premaster etc. and embedding metadata when appropriate.
When you produce a song and mix it, you are listening to it repeatedly for many hours. Your brain can get used to an issue by habituation and trick you into thinking that everything sounds ok. Hiring a professional mastering engineer will allow you to release your music with confidence and make sure you'll still be happy to hear it in several years from now. Lastly, we have made several years of research on normalisation algorithms used by streaming platforms and have a particular expertise on this particular topic. Happy to answer any questions you may have about this. Please avoid PMs as the inbox gets full very quickly, discussions on this forum or WhatsApp are preferred.

Happy music producing everyone!
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