Parking Lot Pimp

LOL!!! my kinda thread...the album is available at all good record stores starting today...retail price at around $16.90 ... < official website

actual launch party in else you guys wanna know?? :):)

is there a chinese version of their Blow? i thought i heard it.

They sound more 'band' compared to their previous stuff. As usual, :prayer: Terry, good stuff.

i took a listen to it today.

yup, its more of a live band feel, but its kinda strange to miss out on the big compressed hiphop WHOOMPH of the bassline. but i guess its just as well.

also, it feels like they're more at ease than in their urban exchange phase. but they also piled up on the efx... which i feel can be too 'over' (i like simple stuff) i like lightbulb the best. the funkiest. excellent keyboard work :)

overall a nice slick production, but i feel still lacks that 'killer' track man.
LOL!!! as usual...terrrrrryyyyy!!! okok...i will stop my insane fan-ness right here... but yeah...they got a new memeber too...and they were getting bored with their UX they changed musical direction...album worth getting too!! yeah...

and i got to interview them!!! damn happy lar...

oh..and the chinese version of blow..will be sung by a new taiwanese girl you can look out for it lar...:D:D:D
by the anyone who goes clubbing...

have you heard a song called "blown" before? it's a version of blow...and i just wanna know how it sounds like...
Damn! These guys are local?? I listened to their new album in a store the other day and they are excellent! Not really my usual kinda music but i almost bought the album anyway. Now i think i WILL go buy it. :p Really like 'Welcome to my frequency'. don't know how happy i am to hear that..haha..

maybe you'll know them by their old name? They used to be Urban Xchange...they got bored of the old sound they changed..:)

if you think the album sounds good..the live performances are better...wahahahha...go catch them if you can ya?

and they also have a website...

Ohhhhhhhh heh ya i knew them by their old name. They were really good then too. Very different sound now for sure. But werent there more members in urban xchange? Anyway i got their album today (and as usual bought more CDs than i planned to), and yup, will definitely try to check them out live :D
LOL...'s a long story but they did change the name...and sound...Urban Xchange went through some restructuring and went down to five members from eight first...then four of those members went on to become parking lot pimp...they also have a new member from the US called J.G .

oh..and look out for the "hidden tracks" ya? haha..they're quite funny...and the one that goes "lucy's frozen in the atmosphere" to let you know...lucy is molly's sister. And molly may is the stripper in "blow" (track three)..

have fun listening to that!! :D
can someone provide/show me how to get Parking Lot Pimp's lyrics?i purposely came down to sg from malaysia and bought their CD but unfortunately they dont provide any glad if someone can do so for me...the song Break Free,Shut Up,Let Me Go has something to do with my life...plz plz... :(
i hope a_b_normal123 see your request. a_b_normal123 is like the biggest fan of PLP on SOFT! :lol:

your faith in me is touching...:):)

and besides..i sent it!! wahahaha..

ok la..break free is gonna take a bit of work since i haven't typed it out yet..but soon..soon!!