SG + Amp + Efx Set ($200/-)


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pls read this carefully.

the sg is an epiphone copy thus there isnt any serial number on it. but dont tink its any less of a great sounding guitar. This baby is my project guitar, playing around with finishing works, wiring, setup etc.

got it into a matt black finish, but theres some blemishes and chips on the back of the body. pickguard holes is clearly seen on the body in case u have one lying ard u can fix it on.

equipped with a hot chrome covered pickup, 2x 500k vol pot, 2x 500k tone pot, a new 3way toggle, a new output jack, a new ernie ball .10 string set and setup beautifully with low actions.

now take note that tho all parts are in place, i havent gt the time anymore to wire it up so thats where u would need to have it wire up on ur own. but once the wiring is done, it'll be a dream to play it. comes with a worn bag.

selling this tgt with a marshall amp and the old and trusty zoom gfx 4 with power adaptor. i hope to sell this urgently as wife gt diagnosed with a severe condition and i welcome the extra money.

any queries, pls feel free to chat me up at 87498281. thank q so much for your time. God bless, stay safe.