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ok finally saved enough for it, where to get it? I went to their website and saw sweelee as a dealer. How much does it cost for a parker nitefly sa?
rememeber to strap it on and play for 5 mins before you buy!

the upper horn jabbing you in the chest is often reason enough to buy sumthing else.
i think the Parkers are on an order only basis.

Check with Sweelee though. I notice the dealer was updated from an Asian distributor to Sweelee.

Be prepared to pay - a lot - for a US Parker Nitefly. The P-Series was already in excess of 1K when I enquired last year.
that would be better. I rem once i got a old model, every was rusty when i took it out straigh out of the box. anyway i had already prepare 3k for that, i seriously hope that will be enough, it gotta be my first pizeo guitar
Good luck with your purchase of the Parker. :)

i suppose you could also look at the P series. Never ever tried one - but it seems to have good reviews on HC, especially the tele-fly hybrid P38.

I have a parker deluxe fly for sale. The package include gig bag, menu, Y-cable and the Parker Guitar. Looking at $2k at least. Can view before you buy.

I have managed to take some photos of the Parker Deluxe Fly Guitar. It comes with Y cable, menu, gig bag. My reserve will be at least 2k. For your information and please let me know if you need anything. Thanks


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