OM: Pseudo Jazz ...

Hey man...thanks for listening. :)
I was using the TRI AC as my amp.

Setup was... guitar using PAF Joe neck --> Randolfed boss CS-3 --> Randolfed TS9DX --> TRI AC clean --> Ibanez DE7 --> computer.

The main tone contributor would be the Randolfed TS9DX though.
Nice recording man!

I'm lovin' it.

Jazz is a mystical thing to me. Swing feel is ever more so. Nice take on the track man.
Hey guys! Thanks for listening..

You're right popeye, I feel that way too... its really hard to get more of a jazz feel into my playing.. still trying but its slow progress!

Souljah, hahha... you hear the swing feel i was trying to do eh? Its a nice thing to do... spices up even the most normal licks.

nebo, there is no seeing eye.. its got the Baked and Phat mod i htink, best to confirm with Randolf... ask him abt Shredcow's TS9DX, the heavy gain siao one... ;)

nice... u must be trying to be Brian Setzer there i guess. hehehehehhe... ok, it sounds like Brian Setzer + a bit of Chet Atkins. nice... just if the level knob from the DE7 is lessen a bit, and made more into a slap echo/delay, then u will be able to cop his echo tone real close... this is NICE...
Haha... echo, Brain Setzer I am definately not! :) But well, I wasn't trying to emulate anyone in particular... just jamming. Glad you liked it...

Anyone, comments on the notes and phrasing please?

i quite like the tone; sweet and sleazy.

timing and feel's 70%immaculate.

ps: isit me or there were some off notes?
This is great playing bro....I can't comment further than that this is just too perfect.Playing and tone are awesome bro...Cheers. :D
Hey turbo... haha... glad you liked the tone... for the wrong notes, would you be so kind to tell me aroudn what time it happened? I tried to play "out there" so it might be that...

Thanks Zer09er and hay88 for checking it out... :)
i can't tell exactly what's wrong (i'm not very fluent in jazz and its structure) but into 2/3 of the video there's this 4 bars of 'floating' notes (i assume the piece's in 2/4)

ps: as sting would say, it's probably me...
Ah... Okay.. .that part... haha! My attempt at playing out... ;) I think it sounds okay... but I'm not sure myself.. perhaps guitarman78 can help out?