OM: Overgate's First Song


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hi ppl ,

this is the 1st song that my band, Overgate came together to write. It was actually for the North East CDC original song competition for national day. So yea, dun mind the cheesy national day lyrics here n dere. but we hoped to write sometin different from the usual national day stuff..heh..but anihow, we were awarded 3000 bucks and crowned the champions for this song. Since then, we have written many other songs which are well very much different from this song.But still, would like to share this song..arguably the softest side to us..haha! feel free to give comments! good n bad.

The website is
Nice tune. Lyrics are so-so. Singer has a good voice but he sounds like he's from Texas. Cymbals are atrocious. Guitar parts has potential. I'm just wondering why local bands don't solo? What gives?

Keep it up. I see very good potential. Good Luck!
Some pts to comment
1) Singer has a good voice. U guys shld really capitalize on tt, cos frankly speaking, the singer kinda makes or breaks the band in my opinion.

2) I dun see what's the big hoo ha abt the drums seriously. It's pretty good in fact. I believe ur drummer is from the school band or something right. The stuff he plays on the hi hat is just so Drumline. Pretty impressive i'd say. Keep working on the rhythm, can be tighter still.

3) Guitars are abit too mellow. Too linear i guess. There shld be some sort of oomph like a switch from clean to distortion towards the end of the song. It shld bring the song to a climax or smthing.

4) Yea abt the solo thing, what gives? Apparently there's some parts where there's just plain strumming/riffing and no singing. Seriously speaking a good spanking solo will do good there. From 3:30 to 4:09, tt's quite a lengthy break.

Overall the track is pretty decent. Very tame yet still, has lots of potential for improvement.
Overgate the name sounds so metal but u guys play some slow rock style of music.HA.the drummers usin some paiste 302 cymbals or some cheapo cymbals sounds like crap.but the guitars are not bad.
I enjoyed the song, but the drum hi-hats, dunno think the drummer was trying to do something complicated, it sounds a bit out of sync to me, the initial part.
Nice singing, got the commercial rock kind of voice.

Great attempt :) Drummer seemed like he was rushing for time at the start though. Singer's voice sounded like he was straining to reach certain notes. But overall it's good. I kind of enjoyed it. Cymbals sounded ok la, not everyone has the money to buy good cymbals. Rock on.
There was a slight speed up with the hi-hats, but it pretty much got stable after the first 4 bars or so. Everything else was either rolled or syncopated, so it sounded off beat. Maybe that's why.
heheh..ya guys..sorrie bout de drum beats..we recorded de song kinda like in parts..n we forgot to use de freaking metronome..explains de poor timing..n aft which we were alr too lazy to rerecord everitin...n no..jus in case u guys were wondering we did not use ani drum machines (as mentioned in one of de earlier posts..) otherwise..y would de beat b so off at some points..heh..dun worrie..i tin it sounds much better live.
hehe..n like one of de guys commented..dis is reli not in character of our band..:p jus dat we wrote it for a national day we tot hell we have to mellow down if we want that 3000 bucks..:p
tequila sunrise! this is edwin..the lead singer of the band..haha..were u in world battle of the bands too?
as for how we recorded dis..basically used our school facilities..heh..our sch bought dis korg recording machine...dat we since learnt how to use..kinda amateur..but oh well..sounds fine i we stuck to it..
I'm that crazy drummer from The Buggers who played for Mayden last year. Hah. Make a guess.

If we used the school equipment... I wonder why the cymbals sounded so bad. Did you guys eq the drums? Or just one shot record everything. lol.