OC: BringAllGood People


Hi folks
This is installment #2. This is a slightly newer rendition of BringAllGood People - an original composition.

FWIW, the intro and the out for the solo need more work - in between should be fine. There's a bum note (or perhaps two) at the end of the chorus - fixable. And the song needs some slight re-arrangement - slightly longer chorus so that more words can be put in.

Vocals will come in once I am able to find a suitable candidate. I am working on the lyrics at this PIT.

Any comments with regards to the song, the solo, guitar parts, arrangement, sound etc would be nice.

Click here http://www.broadcastgems.com/zz4Softzz/ to get to the download page. Only the first link works, the other links do not work

Hey Rork, haven't been able to listen to this.... comp at home is offline, and office ain't a good place to listen to music. :)

In any case, do tell me whats up, and how i can help with the arrangements...
Hi Dude
Actually quite similar to what you've heard except that this one is more full-fledged. Still needs some arrangement though - to allow for more vocals to come through. The current chorus is much too short for any worthwhile vocal.

All I've I've done these past years are stuff for TVCs and videos 9and that's occasionally) and those don't really need a song structure. Trying to do a 'complete' song is taking longer than I anticipated. Being untrained is finally hitting me.

I think all should end decently well eventually, but it's going to take a much longer time especially without a band.

You are too good! But like I said, if there's a tune you want to take on, just let me know. It'll be fun working with you and besides I'll get some shredding tips. Yah?

>>Very nice tune, nice arrangement, it reminds me of Tears for Fears , >>Shout in some parts .

Alamak! I was trying to be original. But now that you've mentioned it - perhaps there is a tad of TfF there. Good band they were and had a couple of great songs.

Actually BAGP is blues based. But with the chord structures and instrumentation it does end up sounding poppish albeit with lots of heavy overtones - I like.

Still lots of work though to make it more polished and professional. I'm thinking of releasing it as a single further down the line. Perhaps 2-4 month's time once my nails have re-grown and the recording mechanics get better. It would be a blast to do this one live.