LF Lead Guitarist/Composer to form an Originals band


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Hello, I am 40 and music is now my serious hobby. I do not have formal music training except some Drums classes but I have been working, jamming with a beginner band for over 2 years, which is slowly getting less committed.

I love to write songs starting from concept/lyrics and then suit the music to convey the required feeling.
So I do not limit to particular genre. Influences / Inspiration could be from Rock, metal, classical, shoegaze, metal, pop, Nordic folk, indian, chinese opera music, etc..

Would like to hear from chill, fun people - any age, gender, race, etc.. just ready to explore the musical works together and have fun while doing so.
If all goes well, I would like to form a duo core band, make originals in concept --> then get those produced from professional producers.
Go for live gigs using secessionist instrumentalists/vocalist as required for the songs.

The skill I lack the most is making Lead guitar pieces, so a lead guitarist is most preferred. Not necessarily experienced but ready to work with commitment for making each song unique and noteworthy.
Hi, same here with age 40 and serious about music myself. Play a bit of guitar for 15 years. Happy to share some recorded videos for your reference.
Mainly influenced by fusion instrumental music. Open to exploring writing songs (instrumental if possible) hit me up at Telegram @stanhorizon