[Nice G-Video] - Guitars SUCK 2: Return of the SUCK


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Guitars SUCK was met with warm receptions from guitar listeners across the net. Hopefully it's helping to spread the word about some amazing unknown instrumental guitarists. I can only assume so, because it received over 2,500 views in just a few days. So due to popular demand, here is Guitars SUCK 2: Return of the SUCK

(Christophe Godin, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Goncalo Pereira, Dave Martone, Rusty Cooley, and Shawn Lane.)

Enjoy the video; Part 2 of Guitar SUCK


Part 1 of Guitar SUCK

Love both the vids...

whoa~!!!!! i really enjoyed the slap and tap improvisation by christophe godin... oh oh oh~!! and the rhode island shred by guthrie govan... NICE~!!! never knew these ppl existed though... until today... :oops:
that dave marton dude...wow. only heard of him on the jp forum but now i understand what the fuss is abt.
I am very awed by these 2 guys - Goncalo Pereira and Rusty Cooley cos the former, I never heard of him. The latter, heard of, never watch / listen...

Powers... 8)
Unfortunately, we singaporeans can't afford to spend 10 - 12 hours a day with the guitar... got to work/study leh.
i think we've got quite a few peeps ard who are ard their standard.haha but of cos students abit hard la
Muahaha... yeah.. I'd like to know too... then can go and look for them and plead with them to take me as their disciples... :lol:
Realized in Part 1 of the video, first appearance - Marcel Coenen from the Netherlands, former guitarist for prog metalband Lemur Voice and now with Sun Caged.

He was actually playing the Dutch National Anthem, shred version though... :twisted: But the repetitive sweeping got me abit bored...

Full video - http://www.metalagesmedia.com/marcel/anthem.wmv
dude...all the guys in the vids are technical FREAKS. I'm afraid I haven't seen any of this kind in s'pore...
although a couple of pple i know have potential :wink: