Part 2: 12 Days of Christmas Sale. 20% off all Utkarsh Mohan Guitars


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This is part 2, continued from Part 1

Ho, ho, ho, apparently Santa came early this year
With my house overflowing with guitars and me 'only' regularly playing about 10 of them, it's time to spread the Christmas Spirit
8 guitars have been added in the last two days, for a grand total of 16 rare guitars available for sale.

The final touch. 20% off everything till the end of the year

All guitars are complete and original, unless otherwise specified, and stored in Humidity Controlled storage in Hard Cases. Given I'm a private collector and not a shop, you can be reassured that they have been handled with the highest care.


Lot 9: Knaggs Tier 1 Top Tuckahoe in Fire Red
Ex PRS Private Stock head's Firebird model. Low two digit Serial number. Upgraded with Gold Etched Bare Knuckle Mules calibrated set

Lot 10: Gibson Memphis Prototype ES-355 Black Beauty
Factory prototype and even rarer due to Rosewood fretboard. Third pickup allows Peter green style out of Phase sounds

Lot 11: Gibson Gothic Flying V (First Run all Original)
Gibson's limited run from 1998-2002, with Ebony fretboards, Satin black finishes and Blacked out Hardware. With the sought after founders face logo
$1900 -> $1520

Lot 12: Gibson Custom Historic 1965 Firebird VII
Historically recreated 1965 Firebird VII with the highest specs and materials

Lot 13: Gibson Guitar of the month 2008 Shred X Explorer with Bare Knuckles
1980s inspired Limited Edition Blacked out Explorer upgraded with Aged Raw Nickel Bare Knuckle Nailbomb bridge and Cold Sweat neck Calibrated set

And now the big 3

Lot 14: Gibson Custom Joe Bonamassa Bonabyrd
Limited run of 100. The blend between a Firebird and Les Paul R7 as specified by Joe Bonamassa

Lot 15: PRS Private Stock Custom 24 Faded Indigo Burst (Joe Knaggs era)
One off beautiful piece, notable for its stunning top and finish that changes with the light. PRS Vintage Bass and HFS pickups. Built by Joe Knaggs before he started Knaggs guitars
$9900 -> $7920

Lot 16: PRS Private Stock Custom 24 Thickback Aqua-Violet Glow
Paul Reed Smith and Captain Anderton's favourite guitar of the 2014 NAMM show. Custom 24 yet as thick as a Singlecut594 and with all of the tonal advantages. Aqua Violet colour has to be seen in person to be believed

You can see more photos and details of each guitar from the UtkarshMohanguitar Carousell page.
Please contact there or whatsapp nine zero 0580 five 6