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Ok. Story telling time.
Once upon a time, there was a kid named Dexian.
He wished to get a bass guitar, so he could jam with his bands and learn bass properly. But however, he has parents who object heavily to a kid who decides not to be a proper doctor or a lawyer, but a punk-rocker.
So he decides to call up his guitar buddy, who's just gotten his O' Results and is working, and asks him if he could fork out a starter bass. This buddy is one good buddy. He has already paid 200 out the 500 bucks for the bass. Next friday, it will be taken. BUT, Mr. Buddy has other commitments such as feeding himself, and therefore will be unable to get an amp for Dexian. So Dexian would need help for finding a super duper super cheap bass amp hopefully below $100 bucks. :(
frm luther ads...

Date posted : 09 April 2005
PEAVEY MICROBASS (MADE IN U.S.A) FOR $60 Im selling the original peavey bass amp made in USA that was discontinued. Its a 20watts bass amp. Bought in 1999. The sound is now more mature. Condition is good. Good for home practice. This peavey is the original model. Now those amp are made in china