SOLD WTS: Gibson Historic 2002 FLAME MAPLE Top 1958 Les Paul. Sought after Custom Shop R8

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Collector piece condition. Only played at home. STRICTLY NO TRADES.

I might be leaving SG by the end of this month and if there are no takers, I will have a local guitar seller to keep and sell for me, which is going to cost more than the current listed price due to commission for him.

This is highly likely the best sounding Les Paul you'll ever lay your hands on, and is a rare piece. In 2001 and 2002, Gibson Custom Shop released a series of flame maple top 58 reissues. The 58's from those two years are famous for their exceptionally woody and defined tone. This one is made in 2002 and features a Cherry Sunburst, making it identical to a 59 LP in looks but features a thicker comfortable neck profile, which means more tone! The luthier who set it up also said the fretboard could possibly be Brazilian Rosewood.

The sound of this guitar has to be heard to be believed. It's extraordinarily thicker and woodier than other Historic Reissues (I've owned a 57 LP before) but super clear, rivaling a Telecaster in its bite and clarity (except more powerful than any Tele). It puts other Les Pauls I've owned and tried at guitar shops to shame. I highly recommend you compare it with your best Les Paul to find out 😉

You can hear Dan from That Pedal Show play and talk about his personal 2002 R8 here:

The prices of these R8s from 2002 keep rising through the years. You can check on Reverb; the ones graded at same condition as mine are priced upwards of USD 6000 now.

I've made some key upgrades, but all original parts - pickups, saddles, strap buttons and pots + caps - ARE INCLUDED, so the value of this guitar is still intact.

The upgrades:

- Tom Short PAF pickups. Marc Ford signature model. The best sounding PAFs you will ever hear. Tom said Marc's PAFs sound better than his regular PAFs. Tom is no longer in business due to health issues and I don't know if he's even still alive, making these pickups very collectible and fetch a high price on The Gear Page.

- KTS Titanium saddles (enhanced clarity, articulation and dynamics!)

- RS Guitarworks pots + caps (more useable and broader toneshaping versatility than the original)

- Oversized strap buttons, kind of like PRS type. For protection from slipping and potential damage while playing (your wallet will thank you)

- Professionally set up by Malcolm Tan, Singapore's best luthier and guitar tech. It plays like a dream.

I'm selling this at SGD 7500. Please Whatsapp only at NINE-1472232
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