WTS: Status Graphite Neck For MM5 (SGD850/-)


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testing the market to see if anyone is keen for this. But seriously, check out that beautiful carbon fibre weave 😍

The advantages of a Status Graphite neck include : a cleaner, more even response across the fingerboard and no worries about the neck twisting or moving around as the climate changes.
There is also better attack, sustain and a wider frequency range. Also, tuning and intonation stays in place.

The very same neck used by Flea RHCP on his Modulus and also Chris of Muse.

Designed to fit on the original MM5 bass which has 22 frets and a 'flat' end to the fingerboard. Width at heel: 2.75". OK on Sub and Ray 5 basses with 22 frets with minor adjustment on neck pocket.

It will NOT work with any bass with only 21 frets as the intonation will be out.

Neck alone cost me SGD790 after rate conversion. Then Fedex sent invoice for tax which cost SGD80. Neck came not drilled for machine head screws, string tree or heel holes. I had it sent to a luthier to have it done via machine which cost me SGD200. Action is super low, extreme comfort playability.

total spent: SGD1070
selling for the price stated
No Nego
Not in a rush to sell
Will offload to the the buyer who appreciate the beauty and value of this neck.

comes with the machine head and EBMM neck plate, ready to install and play.

87498281 for pix and queries. You could be the next bassist in SG who has a graphite neck Stingray 5

ps: EBMM logo on is a decal, removable.