2x Bass Necks For SGD100/-


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selling away both necks for the price above.

1) Fender JB Copy neck: For 34" scale length bass. Rosewood fretboard + 20 frets with MOP block in lay. Neck holes has been drilled. Tested on a Fender body and neck fit snugly, straight as hell too. Machine head is a nir scratchy but nothing WD40 cant fix. Truss rod working perfectly. Slight chips on the heel.

If you have Fender or Squier body, this is for u. Other entry level brand bass, might have to widen up the neck pocket first.

2) Sub Ray 5 neck: For 34" scale length bass. Rosewood fingerboard, unlike the current Jatoba. Neck's looks bad cause of a cancelled makeover project. Easily rectifiable if you're good with finishing works.

Frets has been Plek'ed at Swee Lee. Truss Rod also working perfectly. No machine head included.

Price is firm. Totally zero nego.
Queries and pix can reach me at 87498281. Thanks for viewing.