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I am a programmer for my profession, and only good with computers.
I had a little classical music training when I was very young.

I only started recently reading about what is mixing and editing bcos I got quite interested in LeeHom's and Park Jin Young's compositions.
My interest is possibly in audio production/engineering.

I am glad I found this forum, there are interesting discussions and there are nice and experienced sound veterans.

Thank you
chamois, Singapore
If you don't mind me asking, what's so captivating about LeeHom's and Park Jin Young's compositions?
I seldom listen to Chinese songs actually, but a few of LeeHom's tunes and arrangements are a bit unsual perhaps due to him having a more in-depth background in instruments study (piano, violin, guitar, what else?) than other producers.
But I haven't listen to all of LeeHom's works yet, he may also have some common style commercial numbers in his repertoire.

Pls note that I am not commenting on the vocals, but vocals are still important to bring out the whole song and market the product.

If you ask me why LeeHom, I really dunno how to answer.
I guess every artiste has got their own special artistic style and niche market of fans, right?