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Hey Softies! My name is Eugene, I'm 21 this year and I'm a budding Singer-Songwriter.
I've been on Soft since 2010 and I've posted a few covers on the 'Open Mic' forum but I've been away from music for quite awhile due to NS.
Now that I've ORD-ed(in December), I've decided to dedicate the following 7-8 months I've got (before I enter into Uni in August) to my Music.
I've always been told that my singing is not too bad but I've just not been able to get enough exposure.
So, on New Years' Day 2015, I created an Instagram account @acoveraday, where, (if it isn't obvious enough), I post a cover every single day.
The 15 second video time limit on Instagram can be a good thing or a bad thing.
The good: It's merely 15 seconds
The bad: I have to impress/provide the essence of the song, within 15 seconds.

Why I've decided to introduce myself today is because:
1: I know that some of the Softie veterans here may not have Instagram and thus, I've finally finished(I procrastinated with this a lot :p) editing the first volume of @acoveraday's 30 song compilation on

My song choice in Vol.1 ranges from One Direction to Queen so I think it'll be interesting(or maybe even insulting) to some of you guys :p

2: I posted an original song this morning, albeit a fun (inside-joke kind of) Valentine's Day song, it's the first song I've ever released online and I feel quite happy with it.
Link to Original Song:

To end this off, my aim for @acoveraday was to get 100 followers a month, every month.
1 month 15 days in and i'm currently(at this very moment) at 555 followers.
Point of mentioning this is not to brag, rather, excluding my friends, out of my 500ish followers, I probably only have <20 Singaporean followers.
So here I am hoping that this Self Intro on Soft can help me reach my music out to the locals here. I'm not doing this for recognition or fame, instead I'm doing it for exposure, and advice/feedback.

I'll be extremely glad if fellow Softies can drop me advice/feedback on my singing and during my little 7-8 month journey to find myself in my Music.

My dream is to be able to be a residential gig for a local bar/restaurant/place/wherever hahah (as long as I get paid;))
and my dream job is to be a Wedding Singer

If I've impressed you and/or you've got "lobang", feel free to email me at :D

Share, Follow and Like my stuff if you want to. No pressure :) -Eugene (@acoveraday)
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