Looking for Female Vocalist/Singer to join Casual Band for fun


New member
Hi, we are a full band (7 members) playing 4x a month for fun together. We're looking for a female vocalist/singer to join us!

Our songs are rock and pop songs (both english and chinese), examples are JJ Lin, Mayday, Jay Chou, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, etc etc
We also have a male singer in the band, so 2 singers to take turns to sing and rest in between songs.

We do not have any plans to perform or do gigs, we play purely for fun!

Dates and Times: Alternate Sundays (5pm-8pm/4pm-7pm) and Wednesdays (7pm-9pm).
Location: City Hall

Requirements: Female singer, willing to prepare beforehand (be familiar with songs and song structure).

If you're interested, please whatsapp me at 91517750 thank you!