Passionate solo musicians wanted.


Apologies for not logging in here for a long time. Busy with the day job.

I'm keen to look for a female vocalist to cover 'Pray To God' By Calvis Harris feat. HAIM. If all goes well, I'll make a simple MV for YouTube.

If you are looking to collaborate with me, please PM me as well.

Currently I work with mostly classical musicians from NAFA & YST, playing covers. I am working individually with 3 female harpists, 3 violinists, 1 viola, 2 cellists, 1 saxophonist and 2 pianists and @rizguitariz. I had a flute player message me at Instagram last week but I am unsure how I am able to record a flute into my music workflow.

As you can see I have yet to work with a vocalist so if anyone want's to give it a try, please message me personally.

Fingerstyle and classical guitarists, and electric guitarist who plays instrumental solo covers are welcomed too.

Please PM me here alright.

Have a great day ahead guys.

Hi Fitri,

Great work on YouTube! I'm a vocalist and would love to work with you if you're still up! My number is 91283560. Thanks.


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