Passionate solo musicians wanted.


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Hi All,

I am seeking passionate solo musicians to collaborate with. I have a fully functional home recording studio and a decent amount of camera gear and equipment that I use to make simple music videos.I will produce your music and video for free. It will only be me and you. There isn't a crew. I do all the recording, mixing, filming and editing so you need not feel overwhelmed.

Let me know if you want to record your own songs, or compose using my synthesizer, or even do a collaboration with me. You can also bring own backing track. The music is yours forever. If all is good, we will proceed to make a simple music video for fun. At least you guys have something to show your future kids.

"Look, daddy/mummy last time play music one, last time so thin and head full of thick hair. Now fat already. And balding." Something like that. Your playing days will be documented and digitally archived for memories sake.

I am targeting musicians who never did any recording before. Hobbyist of any age & gender are welcomed as well. The key word is passion for music. From my experience, these are the group that has little or no resources about music production. So here I am, providing you with the platform, free training and use of my equipment and instruments, if you don't own any.

Musicians whom I am looking for:-

1) Classical & acoustic guitarists. I already have many shredders in my music circle.
2) Vocalists.
3) Violin & cello
4) Pianists, keyboardists.

Musicians whom I am NOT looking for :-

1) Bands or groups.
2) Egoistic musicians. We all know at least one, don't we?
3) Shy people. We need to communicate right?
4) Girls who wanna cover Justin Beiber. If you insist on covering Justin Beiber, I am gonna close down my studio and start a new hobby like stamp collecting, knitting etc...

Do not worry, give it a try and I will not judge you based on your skills. Instead we will give each other the necessary inputs to improve our skills. We will learn from each other alright? Win-win situation.

Some of you here may know me. Worked for 7 years at a leading Music Store in Plaza Singapura as a Keyboards/Synthesizer specialist. I already have a career in the aviation industry nowadays. Typical in the aviation industry, I work rotating shifts and we have to agree on a schedule beforehand. I am staying in Tampines by the way.

Here is a sample of my music video I did for a NAFA graduate, Abigail Loh.

And here is another recording session by her.

Send me a PM here or add me up at facebook, Mohammad Fitriyandi.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

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Hey Fitriyandi,
Only if there were more people like you, world would had been a better place. Kudos to you for opening you doors to all who share the same passion as your. All the best!
Hi guys,

thank you for your kind responses. I am still looking for more musicians, please hit me up alright. Enjoy your day!
Thanks a bunch for the session dude!
If anybody is ever so slightly interested but still unsure, don't be. Fitriyandi is a really cool dude with the cutest kitten, patient guy with an awesome heart and so so easy to work with. Once again, cheers!
Fitriyandi is one of the few music enthusiast who is really keen in adding value to the local indie scene. A selfless and accommodating Tampines homeboy, he is the go to guy for all things music. I know it sounds a little too good to be true, but it’s really worth a go:) Well, as much as he’s doing it for the passion and network, it would be nice to bring along Sardin’ O or Swenson’s Teriyaki Chicken whatever your budget permits*-* Thanks, buddy!
Hi Fitriyandi,

I'm a bassist just starting to get in to the music scene and I must say that I find this very inspiring. Eventhough I haven't met you, but thank you! :)

Hello again all,

I may not have received some PM's as the limit for inbox is 50.

Please send a message at Facebook.

I completed a harrowing violin, accordion and piano project with Tango dancers and everything. It was extremely tiring as I am a one-man crew but I think it turned out nicely.

Please, those with classical music background and orchestral instruments such as pianists, cellists, viola and violinists, and choral are most welcomed to message me.

Fingerstyle and classical guitarists, and electric guitarist who plays instrumental solo covers are welcomed too.

After music videography, I hope to branch out to art timelapses videography, ballet and contemporary dance videography, some simple modelling and soon, yoga and fitness just for the sake of trying out new stuff. No, I don't do weddings. I hate weddings.

If you guys know anyone who are interested to collaborate please message me at FB.

Have a great week ahead guys.


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