How do u change the chords fast

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hi i'm a noob + newbie here lol i have some question regarding changing the chords...
how do u all actually change the chords fast enough so as not to break the rhythm?
and do u look at yr left hand which is holding the neck? or the right hand which is strumming/ picking?
Practice. As you keep practicing, changing chords will be faster. Also, as you practice more, you won't even have to look at either hand to change chord. Usually I look at my fretting hand (left hand holding the neck) when changing chords, though.
practice,practice,practice AND practice!
when you are practicing the changing of chords you gotta start with a slow tempo
then play 2 4/4 bars of example....G chord.
while you are playing the last few strums of G,think of the fingering of the next chord that you are going to play,
then switch to 2 4/4 bars of the next chord that u are playing
use a metronome
start slow,when you have already gotten the hang of the slow tempo,try moving it faster
and soon you should have got the hang of switching chords as you practice

if you are playing solo or have to jump from a upper fret to another lower fret or if you are still unsure of where all the fingerings are,i suggest that you look at what your left hand is playing

if you have not gotten used of the picking or strumming pattern,i suggest that u look at what your right hand is playing.
Hmmm, practice seems like the obvious answer but playing songs that you like can help with your fingering and technique.
It helps to rid the monotony of mindless practice sessions easily, and presto you will be able to fret weird chord shapes easily.
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Like what everyone says, practise. Close your eyes and change chords. Helps to improve muscle memory a lot.
Play songs with a metronome or simple drum pattern if you have them. Usually you'll realise when you are out of rhythm, and then try to get as close to the tempo as possible. Record yourself, and one week later, you'll realise you've improved.
Practice is the keyword. Lots of it.

When i was starting out, i played along with tracks on the cassette player ( yes i am Jurassic ).

After time, u will realize that its a slow process that will pay off in the long run.
Usually when I'm changing chords, i often hum the tune of the song. Its been a practice of mine since my wee years of learning guitar. By humming, it'll help you keep in rhythm with the song. Playing along with the songs might work, but sometimes you are not able to differentiate some of the chord changes and pitch changes....
This is probably old school; but while you are practising changing chords, it would be prudent for you to also practise damping the strings when changing chords.

Sometimes, you wanna hear the strings ring, and the string rake sound is an artistic choice - not because of want of technique.
plotting out the route where your fingers land in the next chord would definitely help. minimizing finger movement would improve your chord changing some way or another. see what are the common notes between the 2 progressive chords.