Hardcase for Ibanez SZ320


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Anyone know where to get a hardcase that would fit my Ibanez SZ320? I've tried RG and strat style moulded cases but they won't fit the lower horn of my SZ. :cry:
erm.....did u try the skb freedom 6? or u could get one of those cases which dont have the guitar shape inside. ive got one of those. got it from the shop opposite luthers. its about $100.
sale??the swee lee website one ah?? hmm..my friend went to swee lee warehse and buy tt hardcase for around $160..which is like...a mth ago..
not sure if it's a sale/ they've reduced the price but i saw it going for $99...

the M100C is the official hardcase for most of the RGs right? If so I think I tried that one already, the lower horn on my SZ is a tad too high for the moulded cavity. Anyone know how much the SKB and Gator harcases are? The ones with the rectangular cavity inside I mean.
it fits RG/ S & SZ models quite well.

the FREEDOM 6 would definitely fit the SZ- because i bought one for mine... 8) about $100 if memory serves me right...
went to Swee Lee to check out the Ibanez M100C case, specifically to check why i doesn't fit the SZ model. it seems that the new M100C has a specific RG-shape form fit which limits its relevance to certain models only...
Yep, The form-fit of the M100C cases seem to have become a bit smaller. Looks like I'm gonna be getting the Freedom 6 case sometime soon then :lol:
Ibanez changed it acting on feedback- players claim that the former M100 had a non-form fitted outline (body area) so their instruments aren't really secured.

the Freedom 6 fits the SZ but it's not a tight one, it fits strats more immaculately. but it doesn't matter woth me, i like the FREEDOM 6 8) out of stock in the mean time...
xspace said:
How bout the Ibanez RG550LC?

Confirm can, but don't think Swee Lee carries them. I just bought my SZ520 too, quite depressed that there wasn't a hard case that could fit it. Bought a soft case to protect it first.. :)
No la, I'm quite contented with the soft case. If it "koyah", then I'll consider buying a hardcase :wink: