Looking for committed metalcore band members!

Choong Jun Rong

New member
Openings: Metalcore Vocals, 2nd Electric Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer

I’m Jun Rong, 24 year old electric guitarist. Been playing for a couple years and I’d say I’ve come far enough to be a decent guitar player though still a long way to still go. I’d like to find people who are no longer dabbling but want to truly get better in their craft to become so much more.

My goals for a band would be to simply start off as a cover band. Long term plans aren’t concrete at the moment, but one of my hopes would be to work together playing for gigs or on a big stage. Genres can range between:

Metalcore/Metal- Falling in Reverse, BMTH, Ice Nine Kills, I Prevail, Bury Tomorrow, A7X, Bleed From Within

Blues rock - John mayer, kingfish, Samantha fish, Eric gales, Richie Kotzen, Philip Sayce etc.
Rock/Metal - GnR, RATM, Muse, Metallica, Megadeth

My primary genre would be metalcore as the biggest goal for the band, but other genres are welcomed to play for fun!

Below are my requirements for musicians. If you don’t meet them, then please don’t contact me and pls look elsewhere. I won’t hesitate to also flag out people that don’t align with these values when you join for tryout sessions. Let’s not waste each other time since our time on planet earth is fucking short.

- Ideally similar age range as mine (20-35 years old) for similar vibes though I’m open to other ages as well

- Decent player (you should at least be able to practice the songs before coming. It’s okay not to get it down on first try because it’s hard for me too. I strive not for perfection but excellence)

- Be able to have fun improving together. (Though I expect player to have a standard, it’s ok to make mistakes, and just let loose and have fun! Playing music isn’t all about the skills, but more importantly the fun in it! If you’re too anal about every little mistakes in the band’s playing, please move on from this post)

- No ego/narcissist behaviours esp by claiming superiority in musical knowledge because you know “more theory”, “more talented genres like prog or jazz”. Your attitude and humility for others is as important as your playing skills. No unnecessary flexing of skills.

- Be able to commit at least biweekly jams. Usually Sat/Sun nights. I get that everyone is busy with their life but by joining this band, the expectations is to have such a commitment.

If this is what may fit you, do contact me at WhatsApp @ 8435 3078 or tele @ringtherong and send me a sample of your playing!