Drummer wanted for Classic Rock band looking to play overseas


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Hi fellow Softers!

I've just recorded a full album and I'm looking for fellow rockers who I can jam with, but also practice my songs for the express purpose of all of us playing live. My style can best be described as "AC/DC meets BB King."

I've already got a rhythm guitarist and bassist lined up, so I need a drummer to complete the rhythm section that will make us stand out - this is your chance to show off pounding the skins!

I've got an overseas agent and they're trying to book us for shows in the the UK and Europe... So you would have to chip in for your travel but you would get to play overseas and take an equal share of any merchandise sold. And we will certainly do any cover songs that we can blast out well together!

Obviously this is a bit different compared to the usual kinds of threads in this forum but that's the deal. So this might appeal to those who are experienced locally and wanting to diversify from out of Singapore but don't have an agent or original songs yet.

I've released 1 single online (under a stage name). Here's the lyric video: https://youtu.be/k8Rt_CJpi3k

Even if you're not interested or you play a different instrument, I would love to meet up and jam or just make new friends if you dig my music.

Tel/Whatsapp: 90913092