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Afew weeks back I was looking for an artec para eq. Popped by GC, saw a used artec para eq. Price tagged $120. So I asked kelvin , 'wow, can discount?'. In the end he agreed to make it 100. But I guess ill just look around abit.

Popped by TYmusic since I heard they ship artec as well. Asked them the price for the above-mentioned pedal. They retail $80 NEW. Anyone see the irony?

Just a story. But too be fair to gc, I didnt ask if it was special edition or not. Maybe vintage artec pedals have better tone??? hmmm

btw, tymusic's service was great.
Same thing for a few other brands including EHX, cheaper at TYMC than other shops with "sale"... Just shop where you like :)
Theres no irony. Its just "learning to ask around before making a purchase"

Not sayin ur wrong, but still cant deny the irony : p

Anyways not saying its illegal business or anything to that extent, just wanna share with you folks at soft which shops give more reasonable price. So when they have a specific item in mind they wouldnt have to around the whole of sg to know which shops offer a better deal.

I may sound like a cheapskate, but I do believe in supporting the retailers who doesnt try to hike the prices up and provide a reasonable price for the public. Not saying everyone must follow suite, but for those who shares the same mentalityas me, I hope this piece of info helps. If you wanna spend an extra 40bucks on the same item in a worse condition as opposed to buying new strings I aint gonna stop you.

GC do have a neat collection of vintage guitars though, but I would definitely check the market rates before deciding to purchase any parts there.

Hope no one takes offense in this, I do understand its just business. And hope u guys understand its just information Im sharing.
Maybe vintage artec pedals have better tone???

Artec is a fairly new brand. Even the oldest pedal cannot be classified as vintage pedals.

This story is not an irony - it's damn scary. GC seems like really being "out there" to cover their rent and get that little bit of extra.

**shudders** Scary Sial.
I would definitely check the market rates before deciding to purchase any parts there.

Hope the parts you are looking for are not from Allparts because they happen to be their distributor.

We have to be aware that not every shop has the same supplier. If you buy cheap, you sell cheap. if you buy expensive, you sell expensive.

even if it's from the same source, you can't expect every shop to have consistent prices because it's just weird for your competitors to walk in to your store, check your price and go off to revise their prices.

consumers on the other hand have no problem with that. they can do whatever they want to.

As quoted by rimuel, ask around before making a purchase would definitely be your safest bet.