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*Beware..long grandfather story coming your way. Read, if you have the thirst to discover one of the best methods to upgrade yourself or learn music for the first time.

Years ago when i tried to learn guitar, i faced a few challenges. First one is, the challenge of learning it on my own. Information was everywhere on the internet. I just can't absorb it. I did learn something from that time but i still have trouble with it. I stop trying several times and it really sucks.

So i tried the one method that seems to work among my friends. Learning from each other. That was even more difficult for me. I had too many questions that they have no answers to. I asked them questions like 'why is this the C chord' or 'why the fingers need to be in that position'. I just could not learn through the 'monkey see,monkey do' method.

Again i tried learning again. I used several online softwares and lessons from CD-ROM. Learning Nursery rhymes and folks songs and learning things from scratch. I finally got it. Through this method of collecting theory and learning things step by step, i finally learn how to play guitar. I was 19 when i finally got it. I tried learning at the age of 12 and only at 19 that i finally got it. -.-

Theres only two things that i can conclude from this, either im a lousy learner or the method of learning online and through friends is not suitable for me.

But that long process of learning theory first, speed up my process for the advance guitar stuffs. When i was 23, i got a job as a guitar instructor, so i felt a need to improve my knowledge further as i want my students to get the most out of my knowledge.

I found a seminar, taught by a professional. He is originally from UK, but he now resides in USA. He worked as a producer, songwriter and many more. He came from the era of great musicians. With peers like Clapton, David Gilmour and Keith Richards.

He is an artist with a number one album on the charts. I didn't go to his seminar because of his credentials. I went to his seminar because he promised me he could teach me how to read music in a day.

So far i tried to learn to read music for many years. I failed because there is too much and i can't absorb it, I find it too difficult.

But i was promised that i will learn it in a day. For this thirst in knowledge and for my future development, i paid for the $1000 bucks seminar.

I was hesitant initially as i already know my chords and my scales. I feel that my foundation is stable and will help students with their learning. Is this really necessary? To pay that much for a seminar.

I can honestly tell you that, it was the best thing that i've ever done. It is a life changing experience for me. Even though at that point i feel like i already know enough theory. Man was i wrong. I learn so much from that seminar that my existing knowledge on chords and scales and other theory makes it look 'Kental'. The things he taught me are from his own research and his own methods. It is so exclusive that he has copyright over his methods.

They are not found in other books or online. I repeat, his METHODS ARE FROM HIS OWN RESEARCH AND HE HAS EXCLUSIVE COPYRIGHT of this wonderful methods to learn music.

The seminar was so good that i went for the second seminar, this time round it is on songwriting. I flew all the way to Boston(USA) for the seminar. The second seminar is only available in selected country, so i have no choice but to go there.

I then became one of his licensed teacher in Singapore. Giving me the opportunity to share his methods.

One thing i have to share with you is that majority of the people who attended his first seminar on music ,consist of people between early 40's to 70's. These people went through what i went through. Which is facing difficulty in learning music and until they reach that age, the craving to learn is still there. I could have easily become one of them. Learning has no age limit. But I'm just pointing out that a lot of people have this problem in trying to learn music. Even when there are tonnes of FREE lessons that you can find on the internet.

After going through the seminar, i feel extremely lucky that i followed my gut feeling to learn from him. There is never a moment when you know everything.

So if you are still reading this, i thank you for your time. If you are someone who would like to learn, i recommend that you contact me. If you are new to music, this is for you. If you are advance player but still feel that something is lacking,then this is for you. If you feel that you are too old to learn, then this is for you. If you have been struggling to learn then THIS IS FOR YOU!

This is not just for guitarist. This is music as a whole and trust me that after your lessons with me, you will be learning more than one instrument. You will have the desire to apply what you learn on the guitar,keyboard,bass,ukelele,violin,cello and whatever western instrument you can get your hands on.

Lessons are conducted at my studio space at admiralty, there are a lot of parking space and a few makan place downstairs. The studio space is located at an office building. Conducive and its more comfortable for students to learn.

The rates are going at $60 dollars per hour per pax.
You can contact me at 90121164 to find out more. Please drop me a text first.
You can also email me at mfariskadir@gmail.com if you have any other question.

I can't wait to share with you these methods that changed my life. So think about it, when you are ready just drop me a text at 90121164.

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