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Hello guys, Cheryl here and I'm new. I've some questions, hopefully you guys can help! :p
I have a Yamaha Pacifica, and I don't what model it is. Anyway that I can find out just by looking at the guitar?
I can play, but I'm relatively 'blur' when it comes to the more advance gears-stuff.
1.) What exactly's the tremolo bridge system? I know tremolo playing, but tremolo bridge?
2.) What's all that about edge III and edge II, Gotoh Floyd Rose, fixed bridge, non-vibrato? What are the differences? Which is good? I don't use the whammy much though, maybe it's just that I've not discovered it's capabilities. 8O
I want to know everything about the bridges and stuff; all the different sorts :D
3.) What are caps? Cavity? Cavity as in those in the Jems? What's the use?

Many thanks, my friends! And my apologies for having so many questions; better a fool once that a fool forever! YES? :p
This is going to take an essay to answer your queries...

Anyway, welcome to SOFT! And come join us for the next SOFT Jam! :)
hi, welcome to soft! hope u enjoy ur stay here :wink:

to identify the pacifica, try going to, see if u can find it. alternatively, pick up a broschure next time u past by a yamaha shop?

1) the tremolo bridge ( or trem for short ) is for whammy, its just a type of bridge that allows u to wobble the strings and thus the notes, by tightening and/or loosening the strings. it comprises of various "branches" such as the floyd rose trems, the vintage trems, and the bigsby trems.

2) those u mentioned are all classified under "floyd rose" type of bridges, they can do far more whammy techniques as compared to a vintage-type tremolo bridge found on most fender strats etc.

3) by caps, do u mean capacitors? those are used in conjuction with a potentiomenter ( also known as 'pots' for short, one of those knobs) to create a "tone pot". what it does is it "bleeds" off the treble out of ur signal. cavity i think refers to the type of routing done on the guitar, under the pickguard or whatever. to get a better idea of cavity-routing types with pictures, u might wanna check out

hope that was of help, if im wrong anywhere, please correct me, someone!
Wow, thanks.
I would like to hear more from others also. My insatiable thirst for knowledge! :lol:
Do for more than whammy with the Floyd Rose? Like what?
Thanks in advance to everyone! :smt041
Do more whammy with a Floyd Rose like making your strings flop around, totally loose. Or do a 6 fret pull up.

Btw, its not a Floyd Rose but rather a Floating Tremolo. Floyd Rose is a brand.

There are many floating trems out there. Floyd Rose made the first one, hence its the Original Floyd Rose. The others are licensed versions... Gotoh, Schaller, Ibanez Edge III, Edge, lo Pro, Trs.. so on. Some newer models are NOT licensed, they are new designs, like the Ibanez Edge Pro and ZR Trem.
Floyd Rose-type tremolos are also locking; they clamp the strings on both the bridge end as well as the headstock end. it can make changing strings or retuning a bit of a pain if you're not already used to the system. but it's very stable so long as the strings don't snap.

there are other very good floating tremolo systems which don't clamp down your strings on both ends, such as the Wilkinson tremolo. it's really pretty fantastic, very stable, and doesn't require such a large recessed body cavity for the trem bridge piece to sit in.

you may want to keep in mind that generally speaking, when you use a tremolo bridge system, your strings have a tendency to go out of tune if one string snaps. the tremolo balances spring tension on one side with string pressure on the other side to stay in tune. you exert force to counter the spring tension/string pressure to either tighten or loosen the string tension to create your whammy effects. when a string snaps, there is a loss of string pressure balancing your whammy, so your remaining strings will probably go out of tune. this can be tricky with a locking trem system like a Floyd Rose style trem since your strings are actually clamped down on both ends, but it might be easier to solve on the spot with something like a Wilkinson system.

serial, you forgot to add, a locking trem is more extreme than the wilkinson you are championing. ;) And the locking trem has better tuning stability than non-locking floating trems.

And if a string snaps on a locking trem... it usually snaps at the trem. At which, you just pull more string from the tuners and you can relock the string, effectively reusing it with no issues. A non-locking trem cannot do that.
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  • This is going to take an essay to answer your queries... call me @ xxxxxxxx and I will answer them all!

hahaha yeah that's true, you can do way more extreme stuff with Floyd Rose style locking trems, and it does have better tuning stability. it never occured to me that you could reuse the string though, that's brilliant!!

i'm not a big trem user meself, i stick to fixed bridges generally.
Hoho, male hormones? I just think that SOFTies are helpful.
What's a non-vibrato bridge then? So the Ibanez's Edge are all Floating tremolo?
I see, thanks loads!
any1 care to explain the differnt EDGE's ibanez have?

info bout them (esp new ones) are rare on the net... just spent the whole after noon researching on them and so far, have the impression as follows (in terms of "quality" or "functionality"):

Edge pro > Edge pro II > Edge III

is this correct? i'm sure there're others but i dunno where they stand... eg, edge, lo edge and all? all together there're bout 7 or 8? (not talking bout TRS, just edges)
Its actually been explained here in SOFT. Anyway.

There are.

Lo Pro Edge

Edge Pro
Edge Pro II
Edge III

The first group, are the legends. The original Edge and the Low Profile Edge. These are easily the best licensed floyd rose trems available, better than the OFR. Excellent feel, really smooth and tried/proven.

The 2nd group is the new batch of trems Ibanez has to replace the 1st group with effect from 2003. The top of the line is the Edge Pro, then Edge Pro II then Edge III. The 2 Pros are NOT licensed floyds.. they are ibanez's own versions. The Edge III is modelled after the original Edge and while definately not as good, its much better than the horrid lo TRS/ILT1 bridge.

In terms of feel, functionality and reliability.
1) Edge
2) Lo Pro Edge
3) Edge Pro

and so on.

Not to say the Edge Pro is worse. Its just that its relatively new and unproven, plus it is stiffer than the Edge. However, it keeps its tuning perfectly if setup well.
oo i see.. okay thx a lot! cleared up some doupts...
ShredCow said:
Its actually been explained here in SOFT. Anyway.
is it? where? alamak, i used the search function for "edge" cannot find leh...
Good descriptions on the Trem as stated above. If I had a scanner I would probably scan a diagram of all the trems. Haha..
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ShredCow said:
Not to say the Edge Pro is worse. Its just that its relatively new and unproven, plus it is stiffer than the Edge. However, it keeps its tuning perfectly if setup well.

you think so? i didnt find it any stiffer than a lo-pro edge..maybe its in the setup.