Favourite guitarists


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haha. thot maybe we can share sum of our influences. there r many great guitarists out there waiting to be discovered or skills we can learn.

1) John Petrucci [dream theater] i simply love all de huge sounding chords or de multiple palm-muted picking style he uses.

2) Stevie Ray Vaughan [double trouble] simple blues yet has so much soul n feel to each note. his tone is also fabulous

3) Joe Satriani [self titled] totally wacky when it comes to techniques. i still haf alot to learn frm this master class

4) Eric Johnson [self titled] this guy has fast fingers n a very soothing feel to his music. also a master at de blues.

5) Paul Gilbert [mr big/racerx] this guy oozes versatility. shredding. sweeping. tapping. or just playing de acoustic. he makes it look so easy!

6) Ritchie Blackmore [deep purple/rainbow] this guy's a master at making simple progressions into legend. unique solo voicing with plenty of chromatics.

guys, must share ur favs. cos im still kinda lyk a newbie with only 2 yrs of experience under my belt. :D
Rock/Metal wise:

Petrucci, Zakk Wyle, Eric Johnson, Jeff Beck, Satch


Al Dimeola, Jimmy Bruno, John MaLaughlin (espcially during his Mahavishnu Orchestra time), Joe Pass, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker

1) Jimmy Page
2) Jimi Hendrix
3) Kirk Hammett
4) Slash
5) Joe Perry
6) Dave Mustaine
7) Ritchie Blackmore
8) Steve Vai
9) Joe Satriani
1) John Petrucci
2) Yngwie J. Malmsteen
3) Michael Romeo
4) Nuno Bettencourt
5) Paul Gilbert
6) Ron Thal
7) Ritchie Blackmore
8.) Brian May
9) Ritchie Kotzen
10) Greg Howe
11) Blues Saraceno
12) Neil Zaza
1. Joe Satriani
2. SRV
3. Eric Johnson
4. BB.King
5. EVH
6. Steve Vai
7. YJM
8. Jeff Watson
9. Buddy Guy
10. Brian May
1) Steve Vai

2) Dave Murray (From Iron Maiden)

3) Santana

4) Paul Wong (Beyond's guitarist)

5) Eric Clapton

6) Gary Moore!
Jimmy Hendrix [steve vai?check this guy out..]
Joe Satriani [Pure tone at its purest. Magnificent chops and technique...moreover, he comes by to Singapore often! ]
Slash [uh huh...]
Steve Vai
Angus Young
Jimi Hendrix the Pionerr
Slash the headbnabger
Joe Satriani the master
Steve vai the insane
Riki Hendrix
Edge who created the double string technique which is different from Keith Richards and Chuck Berry
Robbie Robertson
Eric Sardinas...so called most boring singer but good show openerand slide shredder.
Joe pass - holy crap.
George benson - nice stuff
SRV - 0.13s + strat + blues = thick ass tone.
eric johnson - mmmmmmm
paul gilbert - who doesnt like him?
Yngwie malmsteen - MY GOD... MY ONE AND ONLY GOD!
Carl verheyen - intervallic rocker.
james hetfield - down pick + singing = master of puppets.
BB king - little notes , alot of feel.
Santana - great stuff
slash - pentatonic abuser.
Richie Kotzen - legato prince.
Hendrix - if only he didnt die.....

yup thats about it.
these guys kick so much ass....
i dun like slash. cos he abuses me :lol: haha. he was de one who first inspired my dream to shred after i heard sweet child o' mine. wacky!
guess de 3 guitarists frm iron maiden ( adrian smith, dave murray n jannick gers ) r pretty cool in their riff n solo work. only prob is tt maiden isnt too wholesome spiritually. but they haf sum really cool stuff n every song promises a solo.

Other favourites:

Jimmy Page - a textural wizard and great drunken live improvisor (well, in the 70s...)
Mark Knopfler - beautiful, tasteful tone and melody, great songwriting, unusual fingerstyle
Yngwie Malmsteen - My all time favourite shredder, despite being a total ass
Eric Clapton - tasteful soloing and great tone
Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) - Fantastic complex rhythm playing, machine-gun right hand
Jason Becker - sadly tragic ALS victim, formerly DLR band and one half of Cacophony with Marty Friedman. Tremendous technique and compositional skill at a young age
Frank Zappa - hilarious 'noodling' improv solos that just don't give a damn! :) unorthodox right hand technique

..could go on for hours, but gotta get back to work...
Correction and apology:

Holdsworth was mentioned, but not as anybody's favorite. :)

And neither of the guitarists pioneered 'legato' technique. That's a very old musical technique that can be applied to almost any instrument but basically indicates slurring of notes for that smooth sound.

Applied to the conversation about guitars though, legato technique is not new to the electric guitar and has been around in use on Classical guitars for centuries, probably descended from the same technique used on forebears such as lutes and bowed-stringed instruments like violins, violas, etc.