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Hello Friends :)

I am a 7th Semester Berklee College Of Music undergrad, and Im back in Singapore doing a Producer/Writer internship with Beep Studio's. Seeking Guitar Students

Iv taught, produced, performed, mixed, sequenced, written and composed and scored in a variety of genres and a variety of different settings. Iv also conducted and lead and arranged for a variety of different bands too.

I am a Performer, Writer and Producer.

I believe my portfolio and resume would speak far better than any words I could put together. you wanna see? can! :), my email is

sms me also at 85250483

My portfolio includes a RnB Band I wrote with and produced in Berklee, a 12 horn Jazz orchestral Re-arrangement of Black Orpheus(I had to write parts for the whole ensemble! tedious work!), A Radio Jingle I wrote and Produced for a hypothetical Ford Truck Advertisement, and errmm a Reggae Rock song with a Berklee friend about drinking too much beer at parties. :)

Also- Here is a band I played with about 3 years ago, if you'd like to see some of my guitar playing. Cut to the Solo at 3.03 (ps Im the guy in the red shirt)

What this translates in to for you, is a Music educator. Somebody who has a broad knowledge of Music and different styles and Genres, on top of a professional arranging and producing background. Rather than simply a "Guitar Teacher". My approach to teaching guitar is musically centered, rather than just textbook standard exercises and shapes.

The end goal for my students is to help develop a greater sense of musicality, as a pose to simple Technical Guitar Proficiency. Unlike a lot of guitarists out there, I believe that developing musicality should come first before technicality(less applicable to Beginners, but definitely for those of a Intermediate and Advanced Standard)- and in my opinion, it is what separates the Greats from the borderline standards. I think there is a very good reason why Eric Clapton has a larger following than say, Mr Batio. (No disrespect intended to you Batio Fans out there, I just think that besides shred and technicality- Batio really doesn't offer much musically, and besides speed, cant write a good song to save his life!)

Iv written what I believe to be my personal musical philosophy. It would be a very good way to see if you and me are musically compatible as Teacher and student.
If you are simply in to Playing fast, Rather than being a better overall musician- Id suggest you find another teacher. (Speed in my opinion, is good only when appropriate, and is carefully thought out- think Guthrie!). Nothing bores me more than fast mindless shredding!

1. Music- first and foremost, is an ART. It is a language of very individualistic pure expression. It is a means to get "that sound" out of your head so you can feel sane. Music is an ART before it is a Discipline. Music AS FAR AS humanely possible- should be an emotional vehicle of expression that is void of any kind of ego(that is playing music to impress, to prove a point, or to simply play faster and more technical than the other guy,)

Im looking for students, preferably intermediate to advanced(although Begginners welcome) who simply feel like they'v mastered some level of technicality, but just feel like they are stuck in a rut. As a Contemporary Writing and Arranging Major @ Berklee, Iv got a very good understanding of guitar fretboard harmony that will really help expand your personal boundaries with your instrument. Iv taught for years, but I feel the one thing I do best as an educator is getting musicians out of familiar territory. You hate that damn box shape you'v been using for years, and just want to find another way to create music? I am your man. Iv got idea's and chops for any genre for any kind of guitarist. I suppose I can go and teach you songs, but Im really more interested in my own music, and in YOUR own music/sound. There are enough Slash/Hendrix/Batio/Petrucci Wannabe's around- We dont need more of those. They'v already found and mastered their sound, the question is: What about YOUR sound?

I play pretty much everything, Metal being my weakest genre. Although I highly welcome Metal Guitarists for a class if you are looking to simply understand your guitar a little better, or be able to cross over in to other genres. My playing is largely Rock,Funk and Jazz influence with strong pop elements. I hate having to define my playing as a guitarist but if you absolutely insist..hmmm, Ok- think Psychedelic Funk Rock With a strong swing to it.

Wether you are looking too develop a larger chord vocabulary(Try a Minor 7 Sharp 5! by far my favourite chord!), inversions, modal interchanges(Dorian in to a Blues scale tonality? yum yum!), Genre Specific Musical Vocabulary(Swing and Bossa Comping styles?). I am your man!

My Classes are 1 hour in Duration, and start from 50 per hour. My classes are one on one, and include:

1.Youtube Tutorials based on the class we just had, so you dont forget
2. Diagrams, Worksheets, or Take home quizes
3. Customized Sequenced MIDI Tracks(ONLY where deemed neccessary, ie I might sequence a short funk vamp for you to jam over if this Genre is something new to you.
4. Consultation and Advice with regard to Songwriting, Band and Musical Direction, Music Technology Woes, Recording and Producing, Music Career Advice.
5. The Opportunity to learn other stuff besides Guitar(Arranging, Theory, Production, D.A.Ws and MIDI technology)

Classes will be taught at your house. My place is a little difficult to get too due to external noise and family members. Area's I teach are limited to Central, and Central West Areas. Holland V, Orchard, Buona Vista, Queensway, Bukit Merah, Farrer, Clementi. Will CONSIDER other area's but no guarantees. I may also ask for additional funds to compensate for long travel times.

Class material's and progression will differ from student to student. I organize consultations with any student before I prescribe any kind of syllabus. Every musician has different needs. I need to understand you- before I prepare you a syllabus.

I do offer reduced rates for NS men, and GIGGING musicians who are struggling with finances. (High Pay grade NS men- not applicable, pls be prepared to show evidence of financial difficulty)

I offer reduced rates because I believe in contributing to Singapore's local music scene. Please do not take advantage of this. It would NOT be cool if I find out that I am being conned. Please be honest.

Looking forward to working with you guys!

All the best,

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