Easy but HEAVY riffs


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I'm in the mood to just crank up my amp and go nuts to some heavy riff.

I'm looking for some heavy stuff, like the riff for "Am I evil?" or a pantera song, but they are too hard, well the am i evil riff isnt that bad but I want some crazy metal riffs.

I'm still in the learning phase so nothing to technical or difficult please :)
This isn't a song lah... but well, have fun!


Its one of my exercises for riffing that I give to my students... its a funky metal riff... play with lots of attitude and well, its pretty nice.

Try hitting a pinch harmonic on the last note of the 2nd bar for the added kick. :twisted:

Ahh.... excuse the very wrong grouping of notes... really returned all my classical knowledge to my teacher! :(
Herez something i usually do. Itz at 101bpm. And gp4 export's too big. So linked it. Click on the following: