dark alt pop original — “4U” — about childhood darkness


hello! i just released a music video of my newest *dark alt pop* song, 4U. it’s quite a step up from my previous stuff, and i really enjoy working with my videographer in this - it was beautifully filmed, so please do check it out!

the video plays into an irony of however dark it may seems, my child self that has been beaten down by bad experiences/people still forcibly shine even when torn apart. the mischievousness, the playfulness. i believe it helps me in my life, and i’ve tried to push it away because it seems so childish, but it could do more good than harm.

4U is a self-produced and written track about closing the gap of certainty and uncertainty - is it possible, or is there a middle point of acceptance? i've longed for a sort of comfort, and i'm learning how to properly accept it after questioning so much in TULPA. when everything falls apart, everything still aligns. an unwritten answer in the script learnt from your very own experiences.. a stance for survival. a deep pressure from the earth within.

hope you enjoy and watch it, would mean a lot to me 🙂

this song is also in my upcoming EP release, TULPA:REDUX in March 13, filled with dark industrial, metal and ambient tracks.



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