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Does anyone know where I can get earplugs? I don't want those swimming ones lol but those made specially for music. I don't care if people think I look weak when they see me wearing earplugs during jam sessions because ultimately it's my ears and I want to be able to use them for the rest of my life.
So anyone know where to get them? And how much?
check out beach road army market, they sell earplugs for use in live firing ranges, thinking of getting a pair myself, shouldn't be more than a dollar
what u mean by swimming one? u can try beach road. Last time go there buy before we go and play with guns in camp. Cheap stuff though.
go beach road buy, cheap.

i always wear earplugs now cos i am slightly deaf from jamming previously without them and also going to gigs and standing next to the amp without them.

even paul gilbert realises hw important hearing is seeing that his hearing is fucked up nw.

so best, is, wear earplugs and drive ur amp up and jam loud.
Guys theres ALOT of diff with wearing normal cheap earplugs and earplugs tat r designed for loud music use... With the cheapo types, what it does is that it just bring down a certain dB and muffles up the sound badly.. So all u r hearing is a muffled drums and amps which IMO is not ideal for music use cause for me, I will never get the feel of things if I cant hear correctly.. Whereas those music earplugs while bringin down the dB it also retains the required frequency for music use so u get to hear all the "gd sounds" without compromising on ur hearing health... U pay for quality...

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good no cheap, cheap no good.

if u use those generic earplugs it will distort the music. just try stuffing ur ears with tissue paper during jams, u'll get what we mean. :wink:
A rather informative article you have there. Thanks for sharing it with us. Btw, anyone know where we can get the ER15 / ER25 in Singapore? Does Swee Lee offer any form of earplugs? I'm already a little deaf from constant band practice sessions.
I don't care if people think I look weak when they see me wearing earplugs during jam sessions

There is absolutely no weakness in doing that. In fact, its a smart thing to do man.

I'm just curious, how many of you guys here actually bother to buy and use earplugs during jam practice and gigs?

I myself ain't using a pair. That's usually because the fellas i jam with don't play that loud.
Well, the place where we jam usually have sucky amp so we have to turn it up to hear. So, this results in me being deaf for a couple of days after the jamming session. I won't mind spending 20-30 bucks for a decent earplug but it's hard to find cheap ones made for musicians here in singapore.
i know i might be a little late on this thread....
and to so call "scare" you all...

I jammed without earplugs thinking it wont look cool with earplugs on....
for like half a year. weekly jam. Metalcore. The screeching of the *toot* mic and feedback really hurts at time.
and one day my right ear had this sensation something is stucked inside.
Something is blocking my hearing, all i hear is like what i'm hearing with earplugs on.
Went to the ear specialist, checked, nothing found inside.
Did a hearing test, and my nerves were damaged.

The doc said "either it recover on it's own, or i will remain like this forever"

Luckily, it did recover after 2 weeks. and i have ear plugs on all the time now, Pls protect your ears, we have a long way to go man.
I don't want to go deaf.