Check out my first proper 90% ear friendly


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Previously I did the one with alot of ear problems and all that i am deleting all them and uploaded this one here...hope you guys enjoy...LOL. ;D
I did this recording in school...100% ear-friendly. Hope you guys like it...only some parts mistake. especially the end...coz the mic drop and i struggled and never sing the part nicely...and the beginning i sang without warm up, i am having bad phlegm(there is no good phlegm, is there? lol)...anyway enjoy !

thanks to fauzie from rp :) thanks my dear friend!!!
(i removed the rest...only left with one clear one)
by the way click on the lo-fi one if can't click on others...i'm pretty new to soundclick..used only 2 days
you've got a pretty decent natural tone. :)

but then, lemme play the devil's advocate here and say this:

i'm irritated when people go "oh i didn't warm up. oh i dropped the mic. oh i had a flu. oh the mic is a cheapo one blahblah."

erm, if the recording is bad and the singing's no better then just let it be. coz, why put it up when you feel it has so many embarrassing faults?
if you say your playing's no good etc, we'll :) coz soft's promoting locally done music.

but we can do away with the unnecessary facades don't you think?

oh course, that's my personal opinion.

and yes, erm, you have pitching and rhythm problems.
hey there...pretty strong voice u've got.. but one thing i've realised is tt u can't really the higher notes. Like tt "hey hey" part, i feel tt it's abit off key right there.

Anyways were u singing and playing at the same time? If yes then the coordination is not bad, but can be improved more.

Just some comments for you
lol its the stupid phlemg up my throat an dnose until i was like got the duck sound and my friend helping me to record was luffing HAHAHAHAH...but its cool coz its my first time on computer LOL...anyway rally happy so i can learn anyway...i know there are problems with my singing but we can never find our own flaws...

and the "scream at the top of my lungs" i'm trying to do it a better way any advice?!?!??! haha...sobs sobs
work on your pitching, vibrato, control and ur nerves(lol)..

1) Pitching - Alot of off notes, especially high registers..
2) Vibrato - same as guitar, must really control the temperature and nearing the end of the vibrato part. smooth it out...
3) Control - Voice control needs to be really 'SUI'.. the bends.. how much of this how much of that...
4) Nerves - lol sorry la but i wonder why you have this sudden outburstt of screams.. try to relax.. u have a mic.

listen to it again.. and come up with solutions to how u can improve the points much further..
a few points...

i felt the singing bit was pretty ok , nice infact .. but as the song progressed you started shouting ... big no no..

another thing is YOU NEED A BAND. the midi thing is so sick.. argh...

4non blondes ...haha this song is one of my all time faves man! it was in my FIRST CD EVER. 1993 i think.. -=old school \m/,=-

( being 100% honest )

Doing a decent Linda Perry aint that easy.. Decent tone at the start but started to sound as though u r shouting and straining your voice towards the end.. The other posts have sum up pretty much everything in which points that u should work on now.. Keep on singing~

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
okay~! :) thanks because some of my friends don't really know much about singing or rather they can just make do with a simple anyhow-sing version. yah coz i'm gonna use this song for some reason...and i really gotta know what is wrong first before using it and not to ...MAKE A FOOL OF MYSELF HAHA...:) thanks alot!
you should seek some vocal instruction for learning proper technique. it's not shouting that gives your voice the power, it's using suport from your diaphragm and also focussing your sound to resonate in your head, not in your throat. can't explain it here, but if u can get a vocally trained person to demonstrate that to you, you'll understand what i mean.

in case you're wondering, this is not a skill that will come overnight.. probably develop over a few years.
if wondering what happened to the center guitar's pick guard.

refer to dhaliff's avatar.


the secret to his powers!!!!
( looks hungrily at his own strat )
like the voice, just needs control.. lots of it.

you might wanna be careful about your diction as well.

otherwise, just like everyone else said.