Batman Begins- what can we expect?


Hi Friends 8)
Any Batman fans here?

I simply love the comic character but thusfar, ALL the preceding Batman movies are rubbish. i was reading some great stuff on the upcoming instalment but i'm not convinced...

what do you think went wrong with all the Batman stuff?
The girls. Lol.

Im not a really big batman fan. But i do watch batman ever since little. And have batman's comics also. heh. i got their toys also! HEHE

thats like 7 8 years ago[/size]
i think the first two with Michael Keaton were great. the 3rd with Val Kilmer and he 4th with George Clooney were awful.

Michael Keaton made a great Batman because he always looked so pissed off whenever he was in the suit. he looked PISSED OFF and it's intimidating, the way the whole idea of being Batman is supposed to work on criminals. he carried off the weight and presence of Batman really well. it doesn't hurt that Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito and Michelle Pfeiffer put in great performances as the psychologically scarred villains.

Val Kilmer and George Clooney (especially) looked campy in their Batman movies. the movies were more colorful and more campy, and they didn't convey the dark gothic forboding of Gotham City or of Batman as the Dark Knight.

I think Christian Bale and Batman Begins is gonna return to the roots of Batman and portray him as he's meant to be. an intimidating, intelligent and generally unforgiving vigilante.

PLUS they've got Scarecrow as one of the baddies, so you know it's gotta be pretty good.
i like how his new car (or should i say old) car is more of a tank to scare the hell outta bad guys, rather than a long shaft like ones from the other batman movies :lol:
serialninja said:
i think the first two with Michael Keaton were great. the 3rd with Val Kilmer and he 4th with George Clooney were awful..


Clooney (I like the guy) hammed it up like Adam West and Joel Schumacher was basically shite... Phone Booth was surprisingly good but when you rip off Alfred Hitchcock, you can't go tt far off (Gus Van Sant doesn't count!)

I love the 1st Batman... watched it in the old Capitol Building when it came out in '89. I even loved the campy bits to death. For example, when the Batwing dips outta the clouds and juxtapose with the full moon (Thus, the Batman symbol)... That was cool when you were a kid. On hindsight... hmmm...

Keaton was the best Batman... at least for the silver screen... and for now. We'll see how Bale fares. :D Kilmer is just wrong on every level... I only like him in 'The Doors' cuz he really looked like Jim Morrison. Other than that, nah...

Have you watched Sandy (not sure if I got the name right) Cohen's "Batman: Dead End"? Amazing fan-shot film... Batman vs. Aliens and Predators. A-f***ing-mazing shit!!! All shot in a back alley...

But Clillian Murphy's mask looks kinda... weird. Literally, a sack over his head. Think they are supposedly gg for the raw and realistic look? Been following the movie since its development... and finally, next Thurs!!! Though hopefully, can watch it earlier lah! Hehehe... :D
guitarnub said:
i like how his new car (or should i say old) car is more of a tank to scare the hell outta bad guys, rather than a long shaft like ones from the other batman movies :lol:

I love the Batmobile in the 1st movie... nice lah... like a dragster...

The new one, THe Thumper looks like something they'll bring out in the Iraqi war....

they should make a justice league movie or batman of the future, otherwise known as batman beyond movie...
guitarnub said:
off topic - anyone know when Sin City is coming out? its been out in the US for ages already!

I'm thinking soon 'cos the promos are doing the rounds. Probably end of the month. Frank Miller's co-directing so it's not likely to turn out bad. :)
just curious anyone watched this underground comedy movie .... theres this guy called Batman and hes like in a baseballer outfit with a bat and i remember choking on my ribena when i saw him swatting a grandma in her face... classic man..
Batman Begins is really gonna be different from the other batman movies previously...tis time round batman is more dark-side...more psycho and well....more black...cos now the bat suit had change into a fully matt black more golden batman logo...

cant wait for it man...also cant wait for Fantastic 4 which will be showing on July
the screenwriter was sitting on like 10,000 old batman comics and publications. he went thru each and every one of them and took eons to come up with this plot.

but yeah...Michael Keaton IS the ORIGINAL BATMAN. echoing similar sentiments that Clooney and Kilmer doesnt fit the costume..hehhehe..yeah..they really don't. they could've made a good Bruce Wayne tho' but not a Batman.
the new revamped logo's a killer too! along with the new batmobile..badass machine..haha.

This upcoming one's gonna be a trip down memory lane. for him personally lah..cos i think the movie's gonna go thru several time warps..judgin on the trailers..when he was taught and trained till the day his parents were killed and yeah...those personal demons that he encounters within himself. BATMAN will always be a brooder and anti-social..heh. No PR tactics from this fella.

and kate hudson. :smt118 hubba hubba

if all goes well..i'll be watchin it a day earlier before the actual premiere...WOOT!
btw also on the superhero bandwagon, Fantastic Four is coming to the big screen too later this year

Jessica alba as Sue Storm! :eek:~
Personally, I nvr did like FF lah... and the movie trailers I've caught so far haven't give any good vibes? Though the Human Torch is pretty cool here... Kudos to Chris Evans...

Prolly will be watching it only for Jessica Alba! :D
AgingYouth said:
doode... you are such a whore... just like me!!!

i am bat-whore

dooode! i've got a batman piggy bank,a 100th edition blue suit special, the batmobile (both plastic and metal) and more. he's rapidly overtaking my spawn collection. lol...maybe someday i might be batman himself! haha..but i think with the suit on i'd look like penguin. LOL.