Singers wanted to complete old project!


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Hey all y’all

More than 10 years ago, I was playing in a band with some of my best friends. During our teenage years, we recorded, gigged, did the whole 9 yards.

The one biggest problem we had was being able to find a singer that would stick with us, so while the band stayed together until we all went out to work, had kids, etc. we never had a permanent singer.

Recently, I took a listen to some of the old recordings that we did. All the parts are done, but we could never find a voice to fit on them. Hence I decided to start on this project. I’m keen on finding singers/vocalists who can help complete the recordings we have done over a decade ago

I’m looking for singers to work on the recordings that we have done more than a decade ago. We recorded 9 (original) songs, intended for that album we never released. The genre we played was very much alternative, we started out playing a lot of Britpop, and eventually evolved into more adult alternative stuff. Coldplay, Matchbox 20, The Calling, Our Lady Peace, Dishwalla, etc.

If it interests you to do some vocal work in a studio, please send me a WhatsApp message at 964O,three six ninezero, with a sample of some singing you have done before. Once we have your samples, we’ll see if we can fit you in one of the 9 songs we wrote and recorded, and what you think of them. We’d be happy to cover your expenses, to make sure you’re not out of pocket while working on this project.

We are not looking for one person, more like multiple vocalists on the same project.

Why go back to this project now, you ask? I have no intention of commercially releasing the songs, nor do we have any intention to get back together as a band. This is just to close up a project that we have spent years on, went dormant and died. Of course, it’ll be great to hear the songs we wrote back in the day come to life finally, in a finished form, isn’t it?

Thanks for reading, and possibly being part of our project!
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