Arcade instumental...


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Hey y'all drummers out there, if ya ever go arcades you'd notice those drum machine thinggys, have you ever played on those, and if so hows it compared to a seta real ones???
Wow!! that arcade thingy sure is fun to play obviously.

If U are good, all those ppl will look at U one kind like dat.

The girls will look at U two kind.

Happens dat a drummer walk past and saw u play, wah lau eh.. Close encounter of the third kind...


The feel is very different like using Yamaha DT express Pad. Same feeling actually.. hahaha.

But the challenge is to hit the correct note at a very precise timing. dat is a challenge. After a while, if okay already, everything's a breeze
well, they only have 6 pieces set there if i'm not wrong right? two toms, a snare, and a couple symbals and the one on the floor, what you guys call it anyway???
well, what do you mean by girls look at you at 2 kind, people 1st kind and drummers 3rd kind??????? sorry, just curious...
You play percussion mix well and...

The guys stop and watch.

The girls stop and squeal.

The drummers stop.

Grab the sticks.

And drum on your head.
tried once, selected 220bpm and fared miserably.

think it was a D. it was tougher than reading bransprouts. in the end i heck the speeding coloured minibars and play according to what i heard, and hence managed to salvage a D.
saw a fellow play with it before...i guess he's pretty good at it...there's dozens of ppl standing round him...

oh ya...saw the guitar simulation game in teh arcade before also...anyone play with it?
with 3 buttons? when i played it years ago before i picked up the guitar..practically couldnt follow thru...haha...
The first time i tried that i somehow had the impression that you hadda pick that stupid lever while pressing the button...

I totally crapped it up.

Enter this 10-year old kid who went "aiya, not liddat lah, liddat lah", and proceeded to finish my level for me by resting his thumb on the lever, and PUSHING it down... :smt104
Good thing I read the instructions for that game. I think I managed to score pretty good with the guitar one but with a slow song.

I've never tried the drum one although I would really like to try it and impress people :p

Anyone tried the turntable one?
I tried the turntable one.

Tried doing scratches the normal way for fun.

Screwed up the machine in the process, and kana screwed by the uncle... :p
they should put a real guitar on the machine, and combine the DJ, Keyboard,guitar, drums, and a real bass guitar machine??? then everyone will be watching...
Ya,tried those things times before ,but the sad thing is that sometimes the drumstick can't be found,and the stools taken.Jialat! play standing and hit with my hands like tabla. :lol:
metallando, these machines suck the money outta people's wallets, everytime the play, they charge $1.50 per game... each pack of strings cost $6??? And a few hundred people play those machines a day...

And frozen, thats the idea!!! Haha...