anyone interested in a free jam today? (Sep 13)


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me and newbie meeting up to " get to know each other better "

both of us are guitarists...
perhaps later in the evening some guys/gals wanna come together for a casual jam?

need drums and bass and perhaps even keys! bongos... sax , tambla players.. dancers... anything man ... what say boons?
What time is the jam? Regardless of skill levels? Chan, you know who I am, tho, when you see my face. We met before.
haha havent set le... cus i dunno got enuf ppl anot..

dun want to be stuck in jam studio with newbie alone.

scream-ed who you man? dun so mysterious ...

i think the jam most prob will be around 7pm-9pm or even 10pm just a way to pass time and have fun!
Oh! hey dude... erm..edmund issit? sorrie my memory fails me.

aniways! do join us if you have the time!

need drummers and bassits!!!

keybordist - silencer confirmed.
guitarists - chanmin,newbie
Ahh...dun say my name out (it's not Edmund anyway). I dun wan the whole (SOFT) world to know.

Anyway, howabout Wee Lee just up along the same road. Nice place. I can help book. Towards the direction of HOugang.
i play triangle, tambourine and green shakers that look like eggs.

with my powers combined, i can play a CHORD!
im trying for soundmix... but if dun have then we'll settle for boons k?
im taking the best room because we are worth it.
guitarists - dhaliff , chanmin , newbie , scream_ed
keyboards - silencer
drummer - pulseironica drummer

beside jalan besar stadium. opposite road from mustafa, further up. its at the corner coffeshop.

WOW we got alot of guitarists man. get one of the guitarists to play bass or something.
Wah lau...lookng at the line up, I'm just gonna humiliate myself there...haha...

Anyway, I can't confirm right now if I can go. If I can, I just pop in uninvited ya?

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