any experince from ESP guitars?


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hi ya, didnt heard much about ESP here, so gotta ask afew questions. yeah is ESP a reliable brand? does it make great stuff? u see, i saw a esp F400 which was a set throught neck with string through body with maghony body and cool looking inlay. that model really looks really great, and i personally feel the the price for it is really great (the price i saw one musicianfriends/music123 ) yeah, also with active EMG 81 pickups woo. yeah there was a lower model with FR, f250, but its made out of agathis and passive pickups. yeah i wonder how are those models? i went to harmony central there wasnt even any review one f400, but the closer one will be f300. it looks really great and worth for the price, wher e as in singapore can i get that? other than davis? dun ask me why, i not gotta buy from davis, i will rather get it risk and ship over from music123 instead, no offence
esp are great guitars... value for $$$ and superb construction for the higher end models. i suppose the f-400 u saw i not esp. it is the sister brand LTD.. but for the 400 series... its one of the best guitars for the price range
oh u mean LTD and ESP is different? woo didnt know that, i went to esp website, if it is, then esp only got afew standard guitars? woo didnt know about tat
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hi ya, didnt heard much about ESP here,

Yes, ESP is a reliable brand. You probably visited ESP website and knew guitar heroes who use ESP. There is no other official vendor in Singapore that carries ESP aside from Davis. You can find nearest comparison guitar F2005 review on guitar review section.
woo, so die die muz order from davis? argh, wonder if luther bring them in. hmm water the difference between f2005 and f400? it seems that its juz cosmetic difference?
No, you can directly order from music123 and ship it to a US address then ship it to Singapore. Music123 does not ship ESP to Singapore, if I remember correctly. Some people here may have experience with vpost which basically provide US shipping address to music123 and they ship it to you. Or get it from some other countries if you have travel plan.
i have an LTD EX400bd which i bought from davis and a H300(discontinued) which i bought from US, and then sent to singapore via Vpost, both of em very good playing axes.

the problem with most US online shops is that they have some policy, cant export LTD models outside of US. So you can do what i did, use Vpost.
the models in US's ESP website is kinda limited. The bulk of it tho, is shown in Japan's ESP site, but in turn, their LTD line is limited.
ESP and LTD is from the same company, LTD is sort of the lower ended speced models. LTDs are made in Korea, ESPs are made in Japan. Sort of like Gibson and Epiphone is the closest analogy.

Do check out :)

Head on down to Davis to check it out (although there is not much variety there). You can check out the ESP 2005 catalogue & order from them if you found any that attracts your attention.
hmm im still thinking of whether to choose f2005 or f400 hmm. . . one wiith satin black with "30th" inlay another one with flamed trans black with cool inlay