Rock Band from Jurong Looking for Bassist, Keyboards and Vocalist


Hi S.O.F.T forums,

I have a band with two guitarists and a drummer and well, we're short a few members.
Specifically, we're looking for a Bassist and honestly, you don't have to be that good. If you can play Seven Nation Army without looking at the fretboard (Everyone can)
you're fine in our book. Also, if you can sing that's a huge plus.
We're looking for serious people, which is why my bandmates picked the most unserious guy in the band to write this post. We're planning to land a few gigs here for a nice chunk of change and
maybe one day write our own songs? Who knows.
We're also looking for someone who can sing real good, with lots of charisma and keyboards too, for the heck of it.
I won't call them requirements but well, if you have these traits why not right haha.
- Under <30 years old.
Well, age is not a huge factor but we're 16. Just imagine if someone accuses you of pedophilia, not fun. All jokes aside, it'll be a huge generation gap and it'll be weird as hell, although if you're over 30, you're free to join. At the risk of feeling like a babysitter.
- Competent and mature.
We're looking for people who are mature enough to handle criticism and dick jokes.
- Attitude.
We're not looking for guys who follow trends, listen to the latest Justin Bieber hits. You can be a douche, its all part of rock and roll. Just be serious when you need to.
- Dress style.
This is really completely optional but even though most people say music first, which I totally agree with, we gotta have a good image. Just imagine Gun's N' Roses all with their locks of hair, their skinny leather jeans and in the middle there's a neckbeard wearing crocs. At least have a pair of jeans.
- Multi Racial.
We don't want to be some band full of chinese people, that'll go against what Singapore keeps trying to tell us! Not everyone is xiao ming, we gotta have a muthu or a ali someone in between. Also, if theres a Charleston why not right? (Our band consists of 2 chinese guys and 1 malay guy at the current moment, we want to send a message, multi racialism. Doesn't sound radical but I can assure you it is)
- Good taste in music.
If you think most hits on the radio are terrible yeah you've got a good taste in music according to me. You gotta enjoy rock and roll too man.
Special criteria for Vocalist
- Charisma.
We can't just have someone standing there without emotion, we gotta have a mad man who jumps and screams like a maniac. Vocals has to be good but in the long term, we're looking for Axl Rose type vocals, lots of high notes or something akin to Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, a real nice punk voice and attitude.

We're average guys with average lives and we would like to change that with the magic of rock. We jam at the west side, although if you're further we won't mind travelling to jam.
We normally jam at X-jammin Studio, right opposite Chinese Garden MRT. We like hard rock, sometimes with abit of punk mixed in.

If you're interested, shoot me a text at: +65 9237 5721
Or alternatively, you can PM me here or email me at: