Ormsby Hypemachine GTR (Multiscale, Stainless Steel Frets + Hipshot Hardware)


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Hi Guys,
Would like to sell my Ormsby Hypemachine GTR. (6 string, Run 3). For those in the prog/metal community, Ormsby has really been exploding in popularity the last two years, and with good reason. It has crazy specs that you will not be able to find in any other guitar at this selling price:

All you need to know:
1. 24 SS frets with top aligned dots
2. 20" Ebony board
3. Luminlay side dots
4. Hipshot Hardware
5. Multiscale/ Fanned Fret setup (25.5 to 27.5)
6. Blackmachine/ Skerv style bodyshape
7. Currently in Drop C with great low action
8. Condition 8/10. Its in great condition but not 100%

Having owned it for quite a while, it really is one of the coolest guitars i've had the pleasure of owning (amongst like 30 guitars so far). It is really light and resonant and I think that it has the coolest body shape/ headstock, bar none.

If you're interested as to how it looks and sounds, my guitar is exactly the same spec as the one shown in this demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkBz-oxEF7c&t=4s
Do feel free to come down and try it out as well!
However, I'm selling it (along with other gear) as I will be building a custom Kiesel. (If I had the budget I'd go straight to Ormsby Customshop, but it costs twice as much)

Selling for 1500$. comes with a decent gig bag. Feel free to ask me any questions at 96348375. PLS, don't offer me trades with lower value guitars.
Act fast! I'm going to list this on reverb.com soon, where Ormsby guitars are known to get snapped up pretty quickly.

Thanks for viewing!