What do you do with spoilt guitars?


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Hi all,

Got a question. Actually, I got a question and two acoustic guitars I don't really want anymore as I'm purely an electric player now.

One is a J&D DG-Solo Cedar CEQ. Grand audi with solid cedar top and low-end Fishman electronics. $300+ guitar. Tuners need to be replaced. Also, the guitar hasn't aged well and it looks quite poorly. Finally, it needs a setup. Otherwise, it's a good-sounding guitar (acoustically) that plays well.

The other is a Crafter TRV-23. This one looks nice and cost me around $400 or so. Or was it around $300-400? Somewhere around there. Anyway, I bought it as I wanted a travel acoustic and it easily trumped a Baby Taylor I tried that same day. Only issue is I realize I don't play acoustic anymore. This one badly needs its action lowered, condition is very good, but it actually fell sideways once (while still in the padded gigbag) and I'm not sure if a tiny crack in the glue / finishing at where the fretboard is glued to the body was due to that or not. Structurally the guitar is still perfectly fine. The crack hasn't grown or anything.

I could send both guitars for repair. But I feel that since I don't play acoustic anymore, should I really be investing any more money into them? Also, I'm at that time in my life where money is short and spending money to repair the guitars and then selling them cheap anyway doesn't make sense. And I also doubt any SOFTies would want to buy them off my hands.

So long story short (tl;dr... I know)... I have two mildly-spoilt acoustic guitars that likely have next to no resale value right now and I don't want to just dump 'em in the trash. I don't want to keep them and I certainly don't want to spend more money on them but guitars to me don't deserve to be abandoned just like that. Any ideas?

Also, there was a thread about Guitar Connection. Would they be likely to take my guitars? I don't mind getting very little money for them as it's a lesson for my future not to have too many guitars, especially of the type I don't even really play.

Thanks in advance yeah.
Gain some karma points and donate the guitars to a school, students care centre, charity org etc. The next hendrix may pick it up...

if you decide to donate, i can setup the guitars to make them playable. or you can youtube how to do it and gain a new skill. not that hard really.


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