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Dear Softies

I am selling these to save up for a gender reassignment surgery. Not really - just kidding with you - I am doing a major downsize of my gear collection. I decided to sell off any guitars that I haven’t taken out of their cases for over a year, which I guess means that I am not attracted enough to want to play them.

Note that all items are in immaculate ‘as new’ condition unless where indicated. All have been in their cases pretty much since they were bought and have only been played max a couple of hours each. None of them have ever been gigged and have been used briefly only at home which is a smoke-free environment. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to get guitars in ‘as new’ condition for far less than the price of new but at prices I think fairly reflect their pristine condition. Having said that, I am open to reasonable negotiation from the prices displayed, but I will say that I am in no rush to sell them and can afford to take my time to pick the offers that make financial sense; hence, no lowballing because I really don’t need the money badly.

I am 100% *not* interested in trades of any kind. Please do not ask me if I wish to trade - such messages will be receive a polite ‘no’ immediately. The only trade I would conceivably accept would be ‘trade a date with Claudia Schiffer for the Jazz bass’.

Buyer collects. I stay at Farrer Road/Holland V area.

SMS enquiries to: 97471708 letting me know which one you are interested in obviously.

All prices shown are Singapore dollars (SGD)

So, let’s start with the top end ones and work down to the cheapies…

Gibson Memphis ES-175 (Antique Red) $5000 or offers in this vicinity.

Bought during my jazz phase (since passed) this is another guy that has been sitting in storage for a number of years, taken out occasionally for a quick pluck then put away again. Made at Gibson’s Memphis USA workshop, this is one of the quintessential jazz guitars and has that smooth and clean tone you’d expect. Hard case, certificate of authenticity, all the case candy.


James Tyler Studio Elite HD (Candy Cherry Schmear) $4400 or offers in this vicinity.

This is a 35th Anniversary James Tyler Studio Elite HD with the infamous ’Schmear’ finish. It has all the top-end goodies and was built to order including a thin profile birdseye maple neck that cost me $600 alone. It has Floyd, locking Sperzels, Midboost circuitry, Mamywo body. Originally I ordered it with a pearl pickguard but I changed it to plain white later because it had too much going on visually. I got major ripped off on the price of this by the Tyler ‘dealer’ here in Singapore (he knows who he is and I will never buy from him again) and will be losing big money on this, but this is another one that sits in its case doing nothing. There is very minor discoloration on the Tyler Duncan Trembucker pickup cloth tape, but other than this it looks like new. Hard case, all the case candy.


Tom Anderson Atom (Transparent Black) AAAA Top $4200

I am a little reluctant to let this one go because I waited a long time to get it after it had been commissioned, but truthfully, I never play it. I just take it out now and again to admire it. This guitar has a ridiculous quilted top - it looks 3 dimensional as you can see from the pictures and is absolutely stunning - I mean just frickin’ look at it! Quilted maple top. Indian Rosewood board, mahogany neck and body. Buzz Feiten. 1 5/8 nut, Chromer tunematic top tailpiece, M1, M2, M3,, 5 way for Atom kickback switch. Hard case and all case candy.


20th Anniversary Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 (10 top Blue Matteo) $3500

Putting this one in here although of all the guitars here this is one that I do actually play on occasion, though it still has total playtime of only several hours.
This guitar smells fantastic. You might think that’s an odd thing to say rather than talk about its sound and the wood and all that, but those things you would expect from a PRS guitar. The smell is otherwordly - when you open the case the aromas make you almost feel like you are in Paul’s woodshop. It’s perfect. Hard case, all the stuff. NEck is wide thin.


USA EVH Wolfgang (vintage white or whatever) $3800

As it says above. A made in USA EVH Wolfgang - note that it is the ‘full’ version and not the cheaper special made in China/Korea whatever one.


Mesa/Boogie Mark V Combo $3000

What it says above - a mint Boogie Mark V combo with 1x12 speaker. How much play time has it had since I owned it? I would estimate a total of about 10 hours. Note that it is US 110V but I will provide a transformer with it (and no it does not change the tone despite what some ‘snobs’ might say - if you don’t believe me, come for a play test). It comes with a Boogie cloth cover, original Mesa tubes, manuals and of course the footswitch. The price? Wah lau - online less ah. Yes, but what are the new prices in Singapore — you know what they are, but have you tried shipping something from the USA that weights 65 lbs and paid GST on it to import it? This still works out much cheaper than buying from any of the SG dealers for this and remember it is a *combo*. Yes, I know this is a guitar buy/sell forum, but hey - it’s all about getting eyeballs you know.


[b]Fender Custom Shop Custom Classic Telecaster (Aged Cherryburst)[/b] $2300

I’m not a Tele guy I found out, so I’m not really sure why I bought it. I think it’s because it looked so beautiful online. Hence, this fella has just been sitting around doing nothing in its case, so it’s time to let it go. I think total playtime of this guitar is about 10 minutes since I received it. Comes with all the stuff - hard case, strap, case candy, COA.

Fender USA 50th Anniversary Stratocaster Deluxe (3-col sun) $1900
Made in USA Strat. Very small scratch on the metal cable jack which could easily be replaced. Other than that, this guitar is in 10 condition.
(the leftmost one)


Fender USA Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster (vintage white) $1800/reasonable offers

Nothing to say about this except that it’s in 10/10 condition. If you want to shred like the Swede and unleash the fookin’ fury then you need this.


Fender Japan Smart Size ’62 Stratocaster (Sonic Blue) $1100

These are roughly 85% of the size of regular Strats, real Fenders and manufactured to a very high standard - highly playable with a very distinctive Stratocaster flavour when plugged in. Both come with high quality padded gigbags, straps and some other stuff you can see in the pictures. Yes, they are expensive, but these MIJ, high quality, and now discontinued since Fender Japan is kinda defunct now. Would suit a kid for first high quality electric or someone with smaller hands due to the reduced scale length. In fact my main guitar is the ’57 SS Strat which I play 99% of the time. This guitar has never been played except for some testing.

..the one on the left next to the Yngwie:


Ibanez S570 - $967.97
Extremely rare and collectible 90s S-Series guitar. What an odd price you say. Yes - because there is one just like it on eBay for this exact price, but that one is in Japan; this one is in Singapore and is the only one I have ever seen here. This guitar has been played extensively (at home) but has still always been treated very carefully but it does have some minor dings. Still, it’s a bargain considering its rarity. Comes with Ibanez hard case. The case has a crack in the outer shell, but otherwise it’s fine and offers all the protection you’d need..


Fender 60’s Jazz Bass (3 Color Sunburst) $900
Nothing fancy. A MIM 60s Jazz bass - mint condition, strung with flatwounds. Gig bag and all the stuff it came with.

sorry, no pic of my own but it looks like this http://cdn3.volusion.com/nvcpd.gmazx/v/vspfiles/photos/FEnder60sClassicSeries-4.jpg?1369306428

Alhambra 4P Student Classical $200 Sorryno pic I think you know what a classical guitar looks like anyway. It has a few dings. Comes with a tough highly padded soft case. Would suit beginning classical student.

USA Baby Taylor $250
This is a made in USA (not Korea) Baby Taylor. It has some dings/wear hence the low price. Comes with Taylor gigbag. Sorry, no pic.
Just want to add that I am the first and only owner of all these guitars and bought them new from shop.