Amateur Synth-er here, Any otha Synth-er out there?

HF Theory

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Hey guys,

Thanks for checkin the thread out aye.

I'm looking for fellow synth-er to get to know and prolly share and learn and discuss setups and gears and what nots.

Do pm me if you'd be keen!

Hi what are you using your synth for e.g. recording, writing, performing, and what genre e.g. electro, trance, house, new age, ambient ?

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Hey man, what kinda gear have you got in your arsenal?

here's a list of mine so we can share some experience and ideas...:

Nord Lead 2X Rack, Access Virus TI Desktop, Novation Supernova Rack, Roland MC 505, MC 303, Korg EMX-1, MicroKorg, Roland SH201...
I got Fantom S88 (downgraded as midi controller), Logic Pro's synth and Synthmaster. There are some more if you wanna include sampler base synth.