a self-intro as to who i am


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Hey everyone, I'm hendro. I'm 18 this year and so far I've been practising producing, singing and rapping. recently, I've made an ep. the ep is very experimental and I guess it falls under the avant-garde genre of music. the music in this ep has the usage of autotune in it. however, the usage of autotune is for stylistic use and not just to simply glamourize my voice. 3/5 tracks on there consist of the usage of autotune. I know there is a stigma against the usage of autotune but I just hope that those who listen to the ep can have an open mind about it that it's used to deliver a certain vibe/emotion that a normal voice cannot from its abrupt shift between notes and the robotic sound. it also helps to bring out a youthful sound in the songs. I also admit I don't have a perfect voice but I like to work with what I have. the fourth track "TILL WE STRIKE" consist of a mixture of autotuned vocals and raw vocals. for the second track "BE FINE" its just a normal upbeat-ish trap-ish song but I feel the ending might change some peoples opinions about how it sounds. the third track "WARMTH" is just a short rap interlude. the last track "unplugged outro" is just a simple keyboard and raw vocal song. nothing special about it. but yeah if you guys wanna check the ep out, here's the link:


I hope yall like it
and I hope to be able to work with people in the future as a musician in sg as I slowly find my own sound.
everything you hear was created by me.
I'm also currently working on an album that might be coming out in August so yeah.

hit me up if you're interested in making music together: trayvonmooreisnotreal@gmail.com