AFTERMATH SOFT Jam (11/2005)


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There was a couple of SOFTies who came down today to jam... about perhaps 12 in all?

Mr_KeyboardMan, Guitarman78, hay88, Blackmoo, Frummer, MrRhoads, Bassics, Keyboardman's drummer (sorry, I can't rem your nick!) and more... I can't really remember all but yeah, post over here share your experience and how it can be improved. ;)

We had a wild time jamming impromptu stuff and mr_keyboardman led us in some jazzy/funky jams... it was crazy... but kind of messy! Hahaha... But I tell you, its was FUN! The size of the group was actually just nice and we all managed to take turns jamming and soloing. It was just wild!

Anyway... I just got back.. will let the rest comment more... Next time, I think we need to get a bigger jamming room, would FourTones be good?
We have a nice lineup... only more bassists and keys would be nice. Errr. It was wonder ful but I'm wiped out now so yeah... probably will comment more tmrw after some rest.
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that was great fun...

yes fourtones would be perfect~! :lol:
hay88 is ridiculously fast... did i say fast?

mr_keyboardman, you are one gifted keyboardist... there aren't many of your calibre around, I can only count them on 1 hand!

guitarman78! Hehehe... great to jam with you... looks like you'll be getting a band up soon aye? ;)
Yeah .... was fun jamming with you guys ... I'm amazed at such young talents that actually exists .... I mean i dun think i achieved that level when i was that age ... :)

Jon ... hope we can work together sometime soon yeah?

Yup, we should jam again sometime soon .... my gosh ... almost everybody was a shredder .... haha ... maybe i brought the wrong guitar ... Keep it going ppl!! :)
sounds like good fun..... and yeah... i'm looking for drummers! anyne care to intro me...... hahaha :lol:
ARGH!!! many pros there... if only i was there.. could've learnt a thing or two....

sorry la guys couldnt make it... was mugging for my exams..

glad you guys enjoyed yourselves... should do this more frequently.
hey guys..wana organise one more soft jam?..haha this time at fourtones..i miss out yesterday's jam.. :evil: ..if you all organise..please do at after 10 dec..haha.wait till i come back from hong kong wif a new guit..if not i go there damm :oops: guit is like crap..haha..
Yeah man... just start organising.. its pretty simple... book studio, confirm time then tell it on the forum! :) We should have MORE jams!

And yeah, make it earlier aye? ;)
wah so many shredders. luckily i didnt go, cant shred that fast :lol:

haha but what did u guys play?
Erm. CHord progressions. There there was some Rocking in the Free World chords. Erm. Fly me to the Moon. And.. ah. Master of Puppets.

Hahaha... the jazz part was funny I tell you... most of the time the non-jazzers were lost while guitarman78, Mr_KeyboardMan and Bassics were jamming furiously... then once a while I would add some noisy pseudo jazz runs that sounded like noise... :lol:
ha ha nice jam last night

Shredcow: thanks for the compliment wah i m flattered ... i still got a lot to improve on lah .... must practise practise

guitarman78: yeah man lets work smth out

maybe should jam some blues so that everyone can participate
yes fourtones would be perfect~! :lol:[/quote]

If wanna book jamming at Fourtones over the weekend must book early early. haha
Three words sums it all up: I MISSED OUT!!!

Hey, guitarman and shredcow, and MrRhoads, missed out on jamming wif you about another session in Dec? 3rd week maybe? I should be free to jam all we want then.

Ha, this could be the new alternative to the SOFT gather at Earshot.