Y east? Chill Out @ Marine Cove

I am starting fortnightly gigs at Marine Cove (East Coast Macs) for acoustics and chill out music. If I have the bands, I can get started on 10th Dec followed by fortnightly starting Jan 2006 until Dec 2006.

PM or email me with info about your band and music if you are keen to perform.
Soft launch on 10th Dec 2006 with Natural I and Glitched. A third band has yet to confirm. Bands that wish to participate starting Jan 06 can look us up there as well as check out the venue. We start at 6.00pm.
hey ho let`s go!!!!!!

can`t wait for this saturday.... :lol: :lol: :lol:
Fatskunks are 4 men down this weekend..so the rest of us are jst gonna strip down to bare minimals and strum that Kapok.
hey...ho let`s go!!!!!

Natural I doing acoustic set also...got drummer problem....maybe i`ll be covering percussions for them too....
:lol: :lol:

anyways...can`t wait for this sat......heheheheheheheheheheehehehe.........
hey ho let`s go!!!!!!!

ok correction....Natural I playing with full line up..hehehehehehehehehe..

GET READY TO GET SKANKY!!!!!! :lol: :lol:
hey...ho let`s go!!!!!

on behalf of GLITCHED..i would like to say thanx to FATSKUNKS n NATURAL i.for entertaining us tonite...it was fun....a very `chill` atmospheric nite.....

n also to Anthony who made tonite happened!!!!!!........ :lol: :lol: :lol:

sowie...we were a bit unprepared to play our new originals...hahahahahahahahahahaahhhahaha...........
hello everyone

hello everyone,

can the original replicas get in on this? it's been damn long since i've done an acoustic set.

anthony/ izaar, do let me know if it's possible. thanks.


HeartRockSingapore said:
Anyone can come up with a catchy name for the gig series?

The original name is kewl - Acoustic @ Marine Cove. It gifs people a more chillout kinda feeling :)

How about Acoustic Chillout? Just a suggestion 8)