Drummer here looking to form an indie rock/shoegaze band


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Hi potential lovely members,

Would love to introduce myself first (so as to find the right, likeminded, committed members).

I'm Gary and is currently 28. Able to click with most of my younger peers as I'm currently studying in nus and look pretty young. I tend to click better with people who have an interesting, delinquent background and moved on as I find them cool and unique (unlike the normies normies kind haha). Warning first I have tattoos even a drum set tattoo on my back!

My experience
I started playing the drums at the age of 16 (self taught), joined several bands, played different genres (on, off, on, off). Was once a band manager but nothing much just make sure members are doing okay. BUT I'M CURRENTLY MORE INCLINED TOWARDS INDIE, SHOEGAZE & DREAM POP. Some alternative rock songs are fine.
Some band examples: Cage the elephants, foster the people, HAERTS, moons of mars, mutemath, pixies, radiohead, still corners, swimming with bears, the rare occasions, the strokes, we are scientists etc

No need to be too pro legit, I'm still learning to get better too. No pressure. Can learn as a team together.
Taken into consideration of energy level and bonding, age range: 20 to early 30s (younger than that can consider but legit must be mature and commit)

Members needed (besides me, the drummer) preferably a mixed gender band, ideal ideal
- vocalist(s)
- lead guitarist
- rhythm guitarist
- bass guitarist
- keyboardist
- other instrumentalist(s)
Lastly, are willing to hang out and establish further bond

Just focus on the here and now first. Can jam as a band for fun. If there's an opportunity to perform could discuss as a team again! Cool if we could make our own music too. If we are good enough, I could request to practice (for gigs) in a jamming studio for free but legit must have stardard then can I request for that bonus. Besides that, we can chill la, don't be so serious lei. Yolo. Most importantly, we should support, be non judgemental and patient with one another then can a new family be formed.

Okay, enough of talking. Pm me here / ws / tl me at eight eight five three nine one nine five / email me at garylauhwei@gmail.com if you are interested!(don't Google my name uh tsk tsk)
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Have 1 female vocalist now. Probably towards indie pop, dream pop n shoegaze

Maybe likely start with
two door cinema club - eat that up, it's good for you, alvvays - dreams tonite and 1975 - sex

Not confirmed!
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